Friday, August 24, 2007

What a FUN Day!

On Wednesday we went on a field trip with one of our homeschool groups. Three families went for a total of 4 moms & 15 children. It was such a fun day! It took about an hour to drive out but it went quickly. We drove through some towns I didn't even know existed in our state! Lol! The scenery was beautiful & charming. The park was huge & clean. Very pretty area too. We packed a lot into one day & on the drive home only one child stayed awake while the other 4 fell asleep. What a great day!

All Aboard!
Bugs boarding the train ride.

Mommy & Bug-a-Boo

Sweet Pea & E-boy

Peek-a-Boo Bugie
I love this! Bugs looks so darn cute!

Yo! Yo! Yo!
Boo & Best Friend posing.

Whoo! Whoo!
Riding on the train was fun. It was a longer ride than at the other park too. Yay!

The Zoo
E-boy observes the birds at the zoo. The birds that live at the park are given a safe home as they are injured & cannot live on their own in the wild.

"It just wouldn't be a picnic without the ants."
Or in our case the yellow jackets. Ack!

Mama & E-boy share lunch.

Glug, Glug!
Thirsty boy!

Picnic Lunch

Boo Bear

The kids took some time after lunch to ride their scooters & play with toys.

After the Panic
Terry & Sweet Pea talk about the scary chase the Yellow Jacket gave Terry. Poor lady ran round & round the picnic table. It was funny to watch though! Sorry, Terry! Lol!

Waiting & Waiting
The line took quite awhile & it was tough for little E-boy to wait. BUT the good news is that they were given as much time in the boats as the ones before them. So all that waiting was worth it!

Too Funny!
It was funny to watch the girls. At first all they did was spin in circles. Terry & I laughed and laughed and cheered them on.

Ahoy, Matties!
E-boy & Sweet Pea had fun in their boat too. Like the girls, it took S.P. a little while to figure out how to steer the boat but she soon got the hang of it. I love how E has his binoculars with him. Just like a sailor!

Watch Out!
They had fun colliding and chasing each other. Lol.

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