Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy & Sad

We were sad that this was our last day together but wanted to have some fun before saying good-bye. We started out the day with more time at the pool. The kids loved it & it was fun to watch them play. After that a little time in the room while auntie & uncle packed in theirs we headed out for more adventure.

All For One & One For All!

This photo brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

The Pool


The kids & I hung out in our room while the other adults packed & took things to their van.

Snuggling with Blankie


Big Boy, Nemo & Bugs having fun & relaxing.

The perfect place to get all the children in one picture.

Funny Pic

L to R

Petunia, Sweet Pea, Nemo, Boo & Big Boy

The Theater

I hope to be able to see a show here someday. I hear they are amazing.

Hershey Farms

The View from the top of the walking path.

Pretty Boo Bear

This is a favorite photo of mine. So sweet.

POP! Goes the plant......

I don't know what plant this was but Rich & Dave rememberd it from their childhood. They showed the children how to create a popping sound with it. They were delighted! And so were the children. Lol!

Look, Mommy! A Hat!

E-boy was proud of his little leaf-hat he made.

The Pond

There was a nice, little pond with ducks, geese to see & rocks to skip. The only drawback - it reeked of sulfur.

Touring the Shop

THere was quite an extensive shop inside next to the resturant. We had a good time looking at all the merchandice & even trying on a few hats. I wanted to buy E-boy an Amish-type hat so badly but I knew he wouldn't wear it enough to justify the cost. I made myself content by taking a photo instead.

Amish Boy & Girl

We did give in and buy the girls these bonnets. They are so pretty and were a fair price.

Sweet Pea's bonnet really brings out her blue eyes.

Next Stop.....Ice Cream!

We all enjoyed some yummy ice cream at the creamery & also looked through the little country store.

Our Family Photo

L to R

Nemo, Petunia, Aunt Maralee, Uncle Rich & Big Boy

One Last Stop

We made one last visit to The Red Caboose store & petting zoo.

Nemo enjoys a ride on the carosal.

Big Boy Bugs!

Heeeeeere's E-BOY!


We had a great time with Aunt Maralee, Uncle Rich & the cousins. It was tough to say good-bye. We hope to do this again soon!

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