Thursday, October 30, 2008

Deep Sorrow

So much has happened since I last posted. The most devastating happened this week and was delivered by a phone call from my mother. A dear friend of ours was killed early this week. He was only 20 years old. I still can't believe this has happened. He had served in Iraq and returned this summer. He saw many horrible things including watching his best friend die in front of him. I can't even begin to imagine what he went through over there. Or what his family is going through now after losing him. To have him return from the dangers of Iraq only to lose him so must be devastating. I know I have cried endless tears as has my mom.

I have known Seth since he was a baby. I remember taking care of him one summer picking him up from his naps in the afternoon. He was a darling baby. I remember watching him & his dad as his dad carried him in his strong arms. They looked like two peas in a pod. Seth was his parent's only son, born between 2 older sisters and 2 younger sisters. He was special from the start. He always had a love for the Lord and a maturity that amazed me. When Dave met him I remember him being immediately impressed. Seth was one of the few young men who as a boy & then a teen would go without hesitation to help others. He'd give up his time to help working hard for however long it took. We were the recipients of this many times. He had a way about him that made you immediately feel comfortable. It was easy to talk to Seth or hang out with him. He had that way about him. I can still picture his handsome, easy going smile. He was the kind of young man that I hope my boys grow up to be. One with a deep love for his Savior, his family & those around him.

I remember being as proud of him as if he was my own brother. In many ways he was. Our families have always been close and are family in the truest sense of the word. Recently Seth had dedicated his future to the Lord giving up his dream of a career as a policeman. He wanted to do whatever God wanted with his life.

It's hard to comprehend that he is no longer here with us. We do have the comfort that he is in Heaven now with Jesus but that doesn't keep us from missing him terribly. Or wishing there was some way we could take the pain upon ourselves to ease that of his grieving family. To have one more more more smile. Seth, I want you to know that you will always be in my heart & I will always miss you. I look forward to giving you a great big hug in Heaven one day.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Short Report

Sickly This is going to be short as I am still sick. My head is so stuffed up it aches all the time. My glands still feel like there are tennis balls stuffed in the sides of my neck. Now tonight my eye seems to be infected. Oh my! I'm falling apart! Dave has a scratchy throat & is stuffed up tonight. He is the last to fall to "THE Cold" as Elvis dubbed it. We are going through the tissues like crazy. We stocked up again yesterday on tissues, cough medicine, cold medicine & throat lozenges. It's been 9 days now. I hope this is over soon. Thursday is coming up fast! Please keep praying for us. We are a sorry group right now. It's only 9:00 here but I'm off to bed as is everyone else..........

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I'm very relieved it is Saturday. Sick In Bed I have come down with the kids' terrible head cold and am miserable. I guess it was bound to happen after being in a closed van for a week with coughing kids & having one cough directly in my face every night as we tried to sleep. That's motherhood. *small smile* It's tough trying to figure out what little I can take for medication & relief for my very swollen glands, stuffy head & cough. Dave is here & that is why I'm so relieved. Getting a break while under the weather is something I need right now and have missed greatly these past 4 months. Thank God it's the weekend & he is home for 2 days!

Count Down We are counting down the days until we move into our rental house. It will be the same house we intend on buying at the end of the month. It will be great to not have to watch every bump the kids make, (we are on the 2nd story right now & have neighbors below), or every time they raise their voices. I don't know about your kids but ours are quite active and it's not been an easy thing for them to remember not to jump around or talk loudly. =) We try to take them out when we can but being in the city there isn't a yard to run in like at home. I'm sure the neighbors will know the moment we arrive at our new home. LOL! In the meantime I am grateful for the room we have in this suite. It is nice not to bump into each other every other moment and to have room for our travel things. We even have 2 bathrooms, a stove, microwave, full frig & dishwasher. The breakfasts are amazing too! As Dave commented this morning, "What a spread!" Hee, hee. The boys love the "endless" supply of yogurt.

PJs I hope to get some pics on here soon once I am feeling up to sitting at the computer for a longer period. For now I'm going to get some rest while Dave is attending to the children. Thank God for hands-on husbands!

Friday, October 17, 2008

We're Here!

Can you believe it's almost been an entire week since I blogged? I didn't have Internet access on the road. And to be truthful I was too tired by the time we got done driving every day. We drove every day about 5-6 hours except for Tuesday when we had a short 3 hour trip to the in-laws. I had trouble staying awake two of those days and one time had to pull off at a rest stop and take a nap to get through. I'm relieved the driving is over!

We are now safely in Nashville. We are staying in a lovely suite. Casey, our oldest cat lives in the downstairs bathroom (she doesn't like the other cats plus is very ticked at us for the long trip) & the other cats are roaming free in the suite. It has 2 stories and is very roomy. What a blessing! There is also breakfast included daily which helps with the budget. We'll be here until we see if the house we like will work out. Long story I hope to share with you soon.

Now I'm off to drag all the dirty laundry off to the coin operated laundromat here at the hotel. I don't dare venture into the big city of Nashville on my own, , and am very thankful they have laundry facilities here!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


3 out of 4 kids are sick with a stomach bug. We leave tomorrow! Still have some clean up at the house to finish too. YIKES!!!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Work, Work, Work

I have lots of pics to post but unfortunately no time & little Internet access. I promise to bombard you with pics as soon as I can. Lol!

I have been hard at work all week. I'm falling asleep at 8:30 or 9:30 every night I'm so tired from the long days on my feet. Whew! We did Round 1 of housecleaning today. So much trash! Tomorrow we will hopefully finish it up. I still have tons of things I'm giving away on Freecycle. Please keep praying for energy for me. I am trying hard to keep up but not overdo it b/c of our new Little One. Please also keep Dave in your prayers as he drives up from TN. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Can you guess our surprise?

Boxes Galore!

Our house is being packed up. It is wild to see towers of boxes all about. They are everywhere! Those guys are even packing up the basement, God bless them. =) I took a few shots for you to see. For those of you who remember the pics I posted of our house when we were showing it these will be a huge contrast.

From the kitchen to the dining room

School & storage closet. Did you ever think we'd see BARE shelves?

The foyer.
We can barely squeeze through here now.

The girls room
Where did Hannah Montana go?

Another shot of the dining room

Bugs loves the towers of boxes in the living room. He is very tempted to climb them!

He is now fast friends with one of the movers who happens to share his name!

Our pile keeps growing that we are taking along with us in the van & car. Question is.......will it all fit?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


BIG, long, day. More packing tomorrow. Got to get to bed & get up at 6:30a.m. to prepare the upstairs rooms for the movers.

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to check in. I promise to when I can. Thank you for your prayers & well wishes. I deeply appreciate all of you who have stuck with me through this entire summer & this big move.
Thank You

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Quick Check

A quick check-in as we are on the computer at Dave's workplace............
Dave & I went house hunting . What a day! We met Brenda our Realtor at 9:30a.m. and didn't get back to Dave's apartment until almost 9p.m. That's 10p.m. our time! Needless to say we were exhausted.

It was a good hunt though and we found some promising houses. Please keep praying for us as we put in an offer and wait to see if they will accept it.

I have a ton to do when I return. I thought I was returning home Sunday (today) but it turns out it is not until tomorrow night. The movers are arriving bright & early Tuesday and I am NOT ready for them! I need super-human strength. I'll check in when I can. *waving*

Friday, October 3, 2008

Into the Wild, Blue Yonder

Wish me luck! I'm off to Nashville. I'm not looking forward to driving out to the airport & flying alone but I'll be fine I'm sure. Please pray we can find "The House". Maybe our 'House of Dreams'? Anyone read Anne of Green Gables series? If you have you'll know what I'm referring to. =) We'll be busy house hunting all day Saturday & maybe a little bit on Sunday. I'll fill you in when I return!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


(Pictures coming soon!)

Sweet Little Kittens

On Monday before Dave left we tried to transfer the kittens to a cozy basket. We thought they'd be safer there especially with the movers coming soon. TInkerbelle was not happy with this arrangement and quickly moved 2 of her kittens back with her under the bed. I had to bring the last 2 to her b/c she wouldn't come out for them. She was calling for them but she was too far away for them to find her. I was afraid they would get lost under my bed with all the junk under there so with Sweet Pea's help I lifted the mattress & box spring and set her 2 babies down with her. We will leave them there until Tuesday when the movers come & then we'll put them in a crate with Tinkerbelle. I'm so afraid they will get stepped on or smashed if we don't.

I did get some cute photos while they were out. Oh they are precious!

All snuggled together while Mama takes a food & water break.

I couldn't help but cuddle them for a second or two when Dave handed them to me to be put in the basket.

Look at those precious faces!

One big pile of siblings.

We allowed the kids to come in to get a closer look. Tinkerbelle watched us but didn't seem to mind. No one was allowed to touch them. We'll wait until they are older b/f the kids can hold them or pet them.


Two Sweet Furry Faces

Now That's Contentment

Tinkerbelle peeks in & takes them back "home".

Mama & Babies

Tinkerbelle & Her Babies


One afternoon Nana, Sweet Pea & I took a walk down to the river. Or as Nana says it, "The Rivah". =) The river has been one of my very favorite places since I was a small child. I remember going down there to swim, throw rocks or watch the beavers come out at dusk. One of my favorite things to do is to sit and listen to the soothing rushing water. It's an absolutely gorgeous spot of earth with lots of things to explore.

Can't you feel the peace in these photos?