Friday, August 17, 2007

And Away We Go!

Our trip down to Lancaster was a mix of fun, a near miss, some delay & a bit of worry & a call out for prayer. We started out only leaving 10-15 minutes behind our intended goal. We were pleased with this as usually we are 1-2 hours behind our 'launch time'. The ride went well the biggest event being a near miss down the highway. Later we said many prayers & asked friends for some as well as emergency lights went on in the van & it began to drive somewhat hesitantly. We finally made it to the hotel after being delayed in heavy traffic for at least an hour. A very looooong hour. We were happy to see our family upon arrival & the reunion began!
Picnic Lunch

We brought our own lunch & had a little picnic sharing some with the little birds that came by.

When they said right by the outlets they meant it! Lol!

Pool Time

Look out for Uncle Shark!

And Snake Makes Four

All Tuckered Out

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