Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Bug

I'm in trouble. The bug has bitten me & it's now pursuing the children.
Look out it may get you next!

It's the 'Back to School' bug.
*big grin*

We went shopping for a few odds & ends yesterday including visiting just about every store in our county searching for THE backpack for our girls. After all that pounding of the pavement I ended up ordering them online. Figures, huh? Lol.

The girls are very satisfied with their selections & anxiously awaiting delivery. At first Dave & I were going to pick them out ourselves and surprise them. Though it would have been lots of fun I'm glad that we let them choose. Since we decided to go with quality - Jansport & L.L. Bean - they will have them for a long time & we want them to love them. I'm thrilled b/c I got all sorts of discounts & was able to get $20 off, free shipping & free monogramming on S.P.'s backpack saving a total of $32!!!!!!! I got a good price on Boo's backpack aswell
though I had to pay shipping on hers. If I add in the great price I found for E-boy's pack & the sale we found in Lancaster for Bugs' I think we did rather well. Hooray! Bugs will get his for his birthday but the rest will get them on our big "Not Back to School Day". *grin*

Boo's Backpack Sweet Pea's Backpack

After the kids went to bed I zipped down to the Dollar Tree & Big Lots. As I mentioned the bug has bitten me hard! Lol. I was extremely excited to find 'CARS' folders! I have been looking everywhere for these! My boys are going to hit the ceiling! I also found some 'Cars' & 'Thomas the Tank Engine' wall stickers at the Dollar Tree along with some fun school supplies for the girls. I have a couple more things to get for E-boy & I'm all set with the girls. I also want to pick up a few fun items for Bugs so that he doesn't feel left out. I can hardly wait until the first day of school & our treasure hunt!

For all you homeschoolers out there when is your first day of school?

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Amy said...

Great backpacks!!! I have always had LL Bean backpacks and they last forever! Mine from junior high is still kicking around at my parents house! LOL

I am going out today so I need to check out the wall stickers! Nolan would love them!