Monday, June 25, 2012

Nature Journals

A month ago I had the 3 middle ones start nature journals. We kicked off our first session by choosing their journals & then going on a walk. We used composition notebooks as I like how it all stays in one place, the hard cover and that it looks more like a journal. You can use anything really but I liked these best. I already had them on hand from shopping the back-to-school sales last year. We went on our walk. When we returned home I asked them each to pick a quiet spot by themselves. Then they were to sit and observe what they heard, smelled, saw and felt. The next step was to write these in their journals. They could also draw illustrations to go along if they liked.
Boo writing in her journal.

This is the spot Elvis chose to observe & write.

One of my favorite photos.

Bugsy had a little trouble finding a spot.  He finally settled into this nice, shady one.

Princess played while the others observe and wrote.

They wanted to share them with me after their time was up.  I enjoyed hearing about all they had observed & how much they enjoyed working in their journals.  I'm looking forward to many more quiet moments to think and to write throughout the summer.  I might even start one myself.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Coming Through!

Princess & Her Pool

Princess has such a fun time in her little pool. Recently she added the slide to her fun. I get such a kick watching her. She makes me smile every time! 

Look, Mommy!




Hee, hee, hee!

Ta-dah!  (Her favorite part, thus the repeat)

Blast Off!

Molly blasts off on her own kitty-sized rocket. =0) 

Kick Off to Summer

Here are some pictures of our kick-off to summer last month. The kids played in the big & little pools, we worked in the gardens a little, outside toys were scrubbed down in prep for play & Bugs helped Daddy grill for the very first time.  Boy do I love this season!