Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fun Mondays!

Our local arts center was offering free art classes for the month of July. I found out about it in May and signed the girls up immediately! This place is AWESOME! The classes were every Monday for 3 hours. Sweet Pea only went to two classes, (there were 4 total), because of us being stuck in PA one week while our van underwent repairs & then she left early for Nana's. Boo went to three classes and wished there were more. There IS going to be an art show sometime this month. The children will have their work on display. I'm really looking forward to it!

The Arts Center

After we dropped the girls off we went over to Grannie's. Bugs dived right into the train box!

Choo choo! All aboard!

My brother & Blu

Silly boy

Sweet Pea's Class

Sweet Pea's Drawing

Sweet Pea's Painting ~ Can you guess what she loves? *wink*

Boo's Self Portrait

When we arrived home we found that Rose Marie's rosebush had bloomed. I was almost crying as we had thought the bush had died over the winter. How happy I was to see it's not gone after all.

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