Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Tonight Dave & his assistant, Elvis embarked on their first project together. A cold frame! Elvis was very happy to help his Dad.

Two of my favorite guys.

Elvis measures the wood for cutting.

One more!

Posing with the lumber that they bought at Lowe's last night.  They used some new & some scrap that we already had in the pile.

Daddy taught him how to use the drill for the first time.

This time he used it by himself.  Daddy was right by his side.

Our boy is really growing up!

They took a break for supper & then went back outside.  By that time it was dark so they used the light from the shed.

The first cold frame is completed!

Such a silly boy! Hee, hee! =0)

Aren't they looking proud!  Great job, guys!

Friday, March 8, 2013


The planting has officially begun! It was a bit chilly but the kids & I worked outside for over 2 hours today. I planted seeds to start indoors and Sweet Pea & Elvis started the hard work of cleaning out the raised beds. I can hardly wait to plant outdoors too! 
Dave & I were out shopping last night & bought the cups at the Dollar Tree.  The boxes came from one of our Aldi shopping trips.  Free for the taking!  The soil is from Lowe's, of course.  =0)


Thyme, basil, parsley.  Only a few of the herbs I will plant this year.

I got this idea from Pinterest.  I cut open the milk jugs and am using them as miniature greenhouses.  So far I have 4 planted and plan to have more as I get more milk jugs.  Thank you, Tiffany for giving me 2!  =)

The whole set up.  Well, minus the plastic covering.  I need to put that on tomorrow. 
 Stay tuned for more pics & updates as we watch our garden grow.  =0)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chemistry, Astronomy & A Little Sunshine

Yesterday we had our full day at home. We have one day each week that we don't have an activity or class to run to. On this day the boys & I do a concentrated amount of science and history. It's always a fun day because it's full of hands on learning.  The girls hit the books hard too & get a lot accomplished.  It's a day we all look forward to.

Sweet Pea was busy with Chemistry experiments.

Deep concentration.

The boys & I read our entire lesson on the moon.  Then it was time for our project.

Princess wanted to color too & joined us at the table.

It wouldn't be us if there wasn't a little clowning around.  Lol!

Coloring one of the moons.
Writing up her labs while I take a sneak picture.  Hee, hee.

"Look, Mommy!  I, the sun!"

He said he was a Roman soldier.  =)

It makes me smile when they work together.

She sure does bring joy & sunshine to our lives!

                            Such a sweetie!

The boys made the phases of the moon.  This activity was in our Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space science book.  We are using this as a supplement to our Apologia text and journals.

Up on the wall!
They are all colored AND labeled in order.

They did a great job!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Our seeds arrived today! Super excited!

This is our first year choosing non-GMO seeds.  Honestly I don't know what our seeds were in the past years.  I thought seeds were seeds.  But this year now armed with new knowledge we are purposely choosing non-GMO and NO seeds from Monsanto.  Read here if you want to learn more about non-GMO and why we avoid supporting Monsanto.