Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. Can you believe it's been 13 years? Time truly does fly by.
~ ~
In the last 13 years we have moved 8 times, owned 2 houses (for a few weeks owned both at the same time!), had 21 jobs between us, owned 8 vehicles, lived in 6 different towns in 2 states, traveled to 11 states (most many times) & Canada, have 3 cats & 4 fish, have had 2 hermit crabs, 1 frog & 12 fish; bought only 7 brand new pieces of real furniture, have seen the price of gas go from $0.89/gallon to $3.05/gallon, had many adventures, and best of all have 5 beautiful children.
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I have been looking back at our wedding pictures and re-living that day. Thought I'd share a few of them with you. Some of you can re-live that glorious day with us while others can see it for the first time. Here they are!
P.S. Our scanner is on strike so I took pics of my pics. They aren't the same quality but still fun to look at.
Wedding Rehearsal
Originally I had planned to dress up for this. The decorating took much longer than I had thought and I ended up coming in my grubbies. Does anyone see a pattern here? Lol.

The Big Day
My bridesmaid, Elaine helps me get dressed.

Our Wedding Party
Left to Right
Laura (my cousin), Elaine (BF since high school), Mindi (college roommate), Holly (Maid of Honor & BF since high school), ME (Bride), DAVE (Groom), Brian (Dave's brother & Best Man),
Matt (college friend), Michael (college friend), Matt (Dave's brother), Darin (my brother)

Too Funny
I don't remember what was going on but I'm sure it was Nana & my Mom fussing about something & I was just wanting to take the picture. Lol! My aunt or uncle snapped this funny shot.

Don't Be Confused
No, this is not Dave. This is my brother Darin. Love ya, D!

Ring Bearer
Yes, this is Tim. Or as I called him then, Timmy. Can you believe he was once this little? What a cutie pie.

Wedding March
Yes, I did choose to have the traditional wedding march played. I had dreamed of this all my life & am one for tradition. I still remember how exciting that walk down the aisle was.

One of My Favorites
This is one of my favorite pictures. I can't remember exactly what Nana said to Dave but she was giving him a "talking to". You better take care of my granddaughter, Buster!

Passed the Test
Dave said the right words according to the reactions in this photo. Nana & I definitely approved! Lol!

Reception Line ~ My Cousins
On the left is my dear, cousin Kerry & her brother Graham. We all grew up together and have lots of good times in our memory banks. We all miss Kerry deeply.

Grand Announcement
Our grand announcement as we are welcomed to our reception. As we were lining up to enter the reception hall I remember my new BIL Brian turning to me and saying, "Welcome to the family!". That touched my heart.

Our Wedding Cake
Our good friend, Linda made this cake for us. This was her present to us and what a beautiful gift. She also made our flower girl, (her daughter), her dress. Our friend Deb made my veil and our unity candle & my Aunt Sharon & Uncle Bryce took all our wedding photos. My girls made all their own dresses too. I just love that we had a "homemade" wedding. It made it extra special & an expression of us and those that we love.

Cutting the Cake

Dave cracked everyone up as he opened wide for his taste of the cake.

The Bride's Turn
I am not one that wanted cake smeared all over my face. Nana was very relieved at this as she thinks that is plain wrong. *grin*

The Kiss
This is one of my favorite photographs.

Kicking Up Their Heels
Our wedding party having some fun.

While we were socializing at our reception our wedding party & some friends slipped outside to decorate our car. Deb even had a string of tin cans on the back of the car. So neat!

Our Chariot Awaits
Dave's brother Brian took us for a spin around town. It was such fun! We sat in the back and he played the chauffeur. He honked as we drove slowly through town and people waved and yelled good wishes to us. I had never heard of doing this before but Brian had done it before, at his brother's wedding, I think. It was a blast.

What a wonderful day!

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