Sunday, August 5, 2007


Last Sunday we went blueberry picking. Boo & I set out in the van as Sweet Pea was away at Nana's and the boys were with Daddy. We ended up having to turn around and go back home b/c Mommy forgot her bucket. Whoops. We were surprised that Daddy & the boys weren't home yet but grabbed the bucket and headed out again. When we arrived at the Blueberry farm we got out of the van to see Daddy pulling up right behind us! Yay! We all got to pick blueberries together and have some family time too.

The bushes were LOADED with huge berries. As the sign said, it was "Good Pick'in".

Bugs snacked on some berries & played with his bucket.

E-boy did the low branches. Saved Mommy & Daddy's backs!

Studying a berry

Oh So Good!
He ate WAY more than he picked. LOL!

The Crew
They all did a fantastic job. Especially the big kid.

Is That What I Think It Is?
As we were finishing up a lady screamed and came running over to tell us there was a snake in the blueberry bush. He was sitting up high but minding his own business. She wanted some of the men there to kill it but no one wanted to hurt it. He wasn't hurting anyone and seemed quite content to calmly & quietly 'hang out' while chaos went on around him. Lol!

Weighing & Adding
And the grand total is..............

28 pounds!!!!!!!
The owner said we set a record!
Fruit of Our Labor
Here is all that we picked. Well, what we picked & didn't eat. *grin*

Look At Those!
The berries were BIG! Here is a picture to show you some of them.

This pic really shows how big they are. Almost as big as the quarter!

Ready To Go
These berries are ready for the freezer. I picked through & washed them and then bagged them up. Most of the bags I used were little sandwich freezer bags that I then put in a larger freezer bag for extra protection. I like freezing them in smaller sizes as it is much easier to retrieve them for baking this way. I found one sandwich bag held a little over 3 cups.

We had a great time and we're thrilled with all the blueberries we now have for the winter!

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Amy said...

WOW!!! That is alot of blueberries!

How cool that you all met up! I will have to show Nolan the snake pic-he will be upset as we were supposed to go picking Sunday too. He will be mad he missed out on seeing a snake!

Thanks for sharing!