Friday, October 18, 2013


We've been getting ready for fall & winter.  There have been some great sales on apples, chicken, beef, and ham.  I even found one on bread.  I love stocking up our pantry and freezers.  It gives me a cozy feeling.
 Time to defrost and make some room! 

 Boo helped me package meat from today's local meat sale.

 Some of the goodies we bought at the sale today.

Since our local thrift bread store closed I have been bummed to have to pay full price for good bread.  How thrilled was I today when I found all of these loaves on sale for a little over $1!  Normally they are almost $4 a loaf!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 My boys LOVE this writing program.  I must first mention that neither of my boys like writing.  If I sit down with them in other subjects and try to get them to write they will give me the bare minimum.  Sometimes I have to push for even that.  BUT with this program they want to not only do the assignments but to do multiple examples and multiple lessons!  WOW! 

I've owned this program for years and used it with my girls when they were younger.  They loved it too.  I found it at a homeschool convention when it was just coming out.  I had been searching for years for a program like this but my search always came up empty.  I was overjoyed when I talked to the author and she explained how the program worked and her reasons for writing it.  With co-ops and such taking up our time it sat on the shelf for a few years.  But now I've dusted it off and I'm kicking myself for not bringing it down earlier.  It is so much fun!

 The lesson on this day was describing a setting.  The boys each had to choose a book to use for their example.  Bugs chose to use his book he is reading for his literature study.

 Sam the Minuteman

 I had Elvis do two examples since he is older.

 Think, think, thinks!  Hee, hee. 
(He's not having a hard time, I promise.  He is a goofball especially when I get out the camera.  Lol!)

They were busy beavers.  After they have completed their assignments they are always eager to share with me and with each other what they have written. 

Yesterday we learned about the different kinds of plots & then about developing your plot.  Very cool!  I'm looking forward to tomorrow when they put it all together and begin writing their story.

Monday, October 14, 2013


We started our second Book Adventure this week.  Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom!  Princes is loving it.  In fact, she asks to "do school" every day.  She starts out with Easy Peasy with Boo Bear and then she & I work on her Book Adventure activities.  Here is Day 1 of Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom.
We checked these books out from the library.  We only used the a,b,c one today.

While she waits for me to set up she enjoyed the book she chose from the library.

I got this DVD from Netflix. 

Digging for letters.

Boo helped me make the coconut tree.

She dug for letters A, B & C.


She found them all!

Putting up the coconut tree.
She is really happy with her new tree.  We started putting letters on it on Day 2.