Sunday, December 26, 2010

Homeschool Co-op Christmas Party

Our Homeschool Co-op Party was a lot of fun. Sadly only Bugsy & I were able to attend from our family. All the other kids were too sick to go. =( We missed them but were able to bring their ornaments for the swap & bring theirs home in return. They were glad about that. It was great to see all our friends before Christmas & hang out together.

Ms. Jody

Listening to instructions for the first game.
Abby did an amazing job planning & leading all the games.
Thank you, Abby!

The first game the kids all took their shoes & socks off. They rolled their socks into balls & tried to toss them into the container.

The 2nd game was a snowman game. Using a roll of toilet paper, 3 paper buttons with tape on them & streamer scarves the kids raced to make their partners into snow boys & girls. LOL!

Bugsy looked so stink'in cute!

The last game was very creative. The kids each drew a shape on their paper. Then when Abby told them they moved on to the next paper on their left. They then added anything they wanted to that paper. Abby let them draw for less than a minute & then gave them the signal to move on. They did this until they arrived back at their original spot. It was really cool to see the end results.

Ready to shuffle to the next drawing.

Drawing as it progresses.

Next was the ornament swap!
I already posted pics of this in an earlier post. We had lunch & desserts (we all brought one to share) too! A great party with great friends!

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Rhonda said...

That is some great games. I really like the idea of the drawing one. Very neat! I am going to have to let my friend know about these. She has a 4 yr old class and I am sure that they would love games like this.