Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Favorite Color is Now RED

I made a trip out to the garden & picked a large bucket full of tomatoes! Yippee! I might make spag. sauce tomorrow if it isn't too, too hot in the kitchen. I love reaping the rewards of all our hard work. Thank you, God for blessing our garden!

This is what we picked when we came home from PA. We had a few more tomatoes come after that. My Mom was amazed that we were already getting tomatoes at the end of July.

This is what we have now! PTL! The bucket on the right is FULL of tomatoes with a few green beans on top. They are coming like crazy now!


Amy said...

OOOH! They look so good! Did you get to make sauce? That sounds like a gret way to make use of your blessing! I miss my garden so much.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys like salsa? I use tomatoes and peppers from the garden, add a little onion, cilantro and lemon juice and viola! Home made salsa to die for.