Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Better Late Than Never

Here are the rest of my pics from VBS week.

Singing & Praising

Snack Time!

A Healthy Snack

My Precious Boy

Reading the Bible Story

Best Friends

A bracelet for Mommy

Mrs. Wendy designs her own t-shirt.

Craft Time! ~ ~ Sewing Leather Change Purses

Water Limbo ~ It was HOT & the kids loved this game!

Boo & E-boy dodge the water.

Bursting with Joy!

Don't Break the Chain!

E -boy was actually twirling this around his neck! WOW!

My Biggest & Littlest Cowboys

This was really cool. Somehow she made a layer of colors as we watched.

Boo reciting her memory verse. A+ Boo!

Verse Coins

Boo earned all her coins by attending every night.

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