Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kitten #1!

This has been an amazing afternoon & evening. Watching new life enter the world is.......well......beyond words. I was honored to see Tinkerbelle deliver her first kitten. Poor thing was so confused & in a lot of pain. She meowed & meowed and looked almost like she was chasing her tail. She did a tremendous job & she knew just what to do. Dave & I both watched amazed. We didn't want the kids to frighten her as she was nervous enough with this new experience. She was fine with Dave & I there. At first I was afraid the little kitten wasn't breathing but Tinkerbelle kept licking it and soon it meowed & moved. It looked like a little mouse and it's head looked huge for it's little, skinny body. Now it has fluffed up and looks like a little kitty. In fact, he/she looks just like Mama. Adorable!

Giving Birth

Delivering her very first baby.

What a good mama!

New little kitten

How tiny & precious!

Mama chews the umbilical cord.

Giving baby his/her first bath.

Look at how tiny baby's little feet are!

More TLC from Mama
See it's little legs & paws?
I am truly in awe of this amazing experience.


Anonymous said...

hi - found these pictures on your blog while searching for "birthday kittens"! how sweet & precious! :)

Anonymous said...

i found these pics on your blog while googling "birthday kittens". how sweet & precious!

Tamela said...

So glad I came across this blog - I have witnessed the birth of many kittens, and seeing this reminded me just how much I love cats!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know that all cats can look very similar, but this cat looks Exactly like my cat that i got from an old couple who found her.... Just making sure that you didn't lose this cat and i happen to get her....

Anonymous said...

Hey, my Cat looks EXACTLY like this one.... just to make sure...did you lose this cat or is it still in your home?

Kristine said...

Kimberly, I still have the mama cat. Her name is Tinkerbelle. She is a sweetheart. Thanks for checking! I appreciate it. =)