Tuesday, August 11, 2009

File Folder Games

More file folder games! It's amazing how long it takes to make these things. First I search for free ones online & print them. Then there is the coloring & cutting. The coloring takes hours. Last will be the laminating and Velcro stickies. I am concentrating on making preschool & lower elementary ones first. I figure the boys will be done with their work faster & therefore need more things to fill their time. I hope to have a chance to get some games done for Boo's level too. The ones I made tonight are all for Bugsy. He will be working on a preschool/pre-K level this year. If you are wondering about his age he turns 4 at the end of September.

Tonight Dave & Boo helped me. Dave did a couple pages of cutting & Boo some coloring. I'll be showing their handiwork tomorrow. =)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with file folder games they are games that review basic skills. They are made so the child can do them on their own (preferably) or with very little assistance. It is a fun way to practice skills and an alternative to pencil & paper review. They are called "file folder games" because they are often stored in file folders. Pockets or stapled on baggies can hold little pieces and paper clips can hold the game boards & instructions. I'll show this later once I get mine all assembled.

Raindrops Sequence Game
The child is instructed to put the numbers in order from 1 to 10. The skills here are recognizing numbers, sequence & counting.

This is the "Leaf Match Additon Game".
The child matches the leaf with the addition problem to the answer leaf. The skill here is simple, basic addition. I hope to make more of these using higher level addition & possibly some multiplication.

Apple Counting Game
These is a counting game. The child places the correct number of apples to match the number on the tree.
More to come!

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great ideas--may have to borrow--for Lewis