Thursday, August 2, 2007


We are on our 4th day of VBS. It's supposed to be a scorcher tonight. Ah! Here are some pics I took the first 2 days. My buddy R. has left for vacation . I missed her last night especially when it was time to sing. We are dancing buddies.

Preparing to Leave Slavery
Moses talking to the Israelites.

Pharaoh's Soldiers are Coming!

Moses obeys God & strikes the Red Sea with his rod parting it so they can cross.

The Israelites make it safely across but Pharaoh's army is swallowed up by the sea.

Snack Time
A Good Ol' Cup of Dirt
(Worm was extree)

What to do? What to do?
Passing the time playing while we wait for the bell.

Object Lesson
The missus parted the "Red Sea" with her finger. It was pretty cool.

Craft Time ~ Making Bandannas
E-boy made his mama one. Wasn't that sweet?

Memory Verse Time
Gonna get us some of thet learn'in.

Game Time!

I forgot what the game was called. Something about frozen feet. The kids got in there 2 at a time and had to kick out as many ice cubes as they could. Trouble was we were the last group to play & it was HOT outside so the ice cubes melted quickly. Lol! The kids had fun anyway splashing each other & the game leader. Wendy & I were saying to each other, "Do YOU see any ice cubes? Because I don't." We were comforted by the fact that at least we weren't alone. Hee, hee.

Up Close!
My buddy R. pleaded to take a picture & insisted the subject be me, so here I am in all my glory! Howdy partners!

Kinda Like Rubbing Your Belly, Patting Your Head & Hopping on One Foot
All At the Same Time
When we sing our songs these girls, (there are twins - one in pink, one in purple) are up on the screen singing and doing the hand motions. As you can see the words are also up on the screen. This requires much more coordination than I was blessed with. I started making up my own hand motions. Cracks Wendy up (Pastor's wife) whose group is right behind us during singing time. I probably look like a whacked out wanna-be cheerleader. But it's FUN! Lol!

My Dear Friend Debra
She took care of our precious Bugs in nursery the first 2 nights. Poor lady worked up quite a sweat chasing after this bundle of energy! He just loves her & so do I! She's a wonderful lady & friend. (And she has the sweetest Southern accent!) Thank you, Debra!


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