Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I, for one LOVE seeing photos of what my homeschool friends are doing. I am a visual person and they give me such fantastic ideas. One friend, Rhonda from the 'There's No Place Like Home' group was very inspiring! I loved her teacher's planner and fashioned mine after hers. Thanks, girl!
Here are some pics of Boo's middle school binder & the boy's elementary binders. I will be posting Sweet Pea's binder & my teacher's binder next.
(Click on the individual photos if you want a larger view.)

These are the three middle kids binders. They each have a pencil bag that holds their daily tools inside. They each have a 2010 & 2011 calendar.

The rest of their calendar & our 'Daily Schedule' page.

A side view of their checklists.
I made a list of their subjects & days of the week. They check them off as they are completed. This is to promote self responsibility. Plus I don't know about you but I get a little thrill every time I can check a task off my list. =)
A close up look at Boo's checklist.
(You'll see I covered up their real names for privacy on each of the pages shown.)

These are their daily schedule sheets. This is where they write down what they have done in more detail. For instance page numbers, assignments, projects, etc.

This is a 'Yearly Overview By Child'.
This will be completed at the end of the year.

This is one for me, the teacher to complete.

A closer look.

These are the course of study grade level lists from World Book.
I also included a reading list sheet, field trip sheet & media sheet in each. There is room for completed papers too.

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