Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Christ Comforting Infant by Jean Keaton

This is one of my favorite pictures. I love how she depicts Christ. This picture is special to me because it is how I picture our precious Rose Marie -- in Heaven in the arms of Jesus.

Crazy Week & Other Babblings

We have VBS all week so it's going to be an even busier, crazier week than usual. Dave & I are each leaders. I'm kind of bummed b/c we arent' in the same group this year. The "down times" (when we are waiting for the kids to do crafts or eat snack), are dull without him. Usually we joke around and have a good ol' time. Wah. But I did have fun with my group. I have all girls so far. They are ages 9-10. Just happened that way but kind of neat. My Boo is in my group and my favorite kid in my church, (besides my own of course), Rachel is in my group again this year. I'm thrilled! She is such fun to be with and loves Jesus with her whole heart. My favorite thing about her is that she is not afraid to be herself. I admire that in one so young. She's leaving for vacation on Wed. so I'll only get her 2 nights. I'm sad about that. But we'll have fun tonight!

I've invited some others to come and so far 2 have attended. One is Boo's good friend M. Being the good mama I made sure that M. was in our group too. They had a great time together last night. It's good to see Boo finding a best friend.

Sweet Pea is up at Nana's this weekend. My Uncle Bryce is up there too. She is having a ball being spoiled rotten by both of them. This is an annual trip for her and she looks forward to it. Though I miss her it is good for both S.P. and I.

We're going to try to start our Ocean Unit today. I've tried for 2 weeks now to start. Will today be the day? Stay tuned..................................

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sound the Battle Cry!

I'll miss you, friends.

Good-bye! *sniff, sniff*

Yes, I see you.

Okay, okay......

Sound the battle cry! WEIGHT BE GONE!

Dave & I have decided to do something about our "budda bellies". I'm tired of looking like I'm 6 months pregnant and frankly so is Dave (tired of his belly, that is). That's not to say I would mind being pregnant again but that's a whole other topic. Since we have practically nothing left in the cupboards anyway we are using this grocery shopping trip to begin our endeavor. Splitting up the duties I did the research, complied the menus and made & printed out both shopping lists. Dave did the actual footwork, or as we call it the "hunting and gathering". The plan is to start slow. A planned menu, a little exercise........Some progress is better than none, right? Also one of my best friends, Chris is my accountability partner. I find I always do much better when I have to report in. She's both encouraging & tough at the same time. No making me feel like a failure but also not letting me cheat every night at the stroke of 12. Good combo. I also realize that making this public announcement seals my fate. Hmmmm........there's the delete button.

So wish us luck & remember us in your prayers! Here's hoping the next time some of you see us there will be less to behold! Lol!

P.S. Anyone want to join our party?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Looking Up

Things are improving as the day goes on. A nice breeze is flowing through the window, Boo has stepped up to the plate and is helping instead of doing her disappearing act, Bugs took a nice long nap, I hung 2 loads of laundry & fluffed and folded 4 loads. And tomorrow is Saturday!

Gone with the Wind

I'm losing my mind. Yep. There is goes. I feel buried under all the work I have to do. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? My house is a wreck no matter how much I clean it, I'm always behind, seems the children take turns at giving me gray hairs............ack! It's one of those days where it is hotter than the blazes, so humid I'm dripping, the kids are not cooperating at all (they've lost all sense of hearing), I've twisted my ankle on a toy covered floor & cut my toe on sheet-metal that was supposed to be "made safe" months ago. Work is up to my eyeballs & there's even more to do next week. All I want to do is hide in my room under the covers with the A/C on and a good book. Anyone else?

Vent over.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Maybe Not Martha Stewart but......

I think it turned out nice! *big grin*
Here are some pics of us setting up the boy's room. We cleaned, organized, hung things on the wall and moved furniture. Please tell me what you think! Be nice! Lol!

Before moving furniture around.

Working hard!

View from the bottom bunk.

E-boy wanted to help so I gave him the dustbuster and away he went!

E-boy's bed & posters

A First

Some pics of us moving Bug-a-Boo into his brother's room.

Step 1: Train table removed.

Bugs Playing on His New Bed
FYI ~ This was originally dubbed "The Boo Bear Bed" because I bought it for Boo when she was a toddler. I thought it was so neat that I found a brand new BEAR bed at a yard sale!

My Big Boy
*sniff, sniff*

How Cute is This?

The Lightbulb Goes On

We have been wanting to put a room in our basement since we moved in almost 4 years ago. Clearing out and having a yard sale last summer is as close as we've come. And actually the basement is a wreck again. I call it "The Dungeon". Since this is such slow going I thought maybe the girls could move back in together & the boys could now share a room. Bugs is older now and doesn't sleep in his room anyway.This would free up the smallest bedroom for a playroom/schoolroom/guest room/toy room/everything room. I talked it over with the children making sure they knew that Daddy & I had the final say. At first the girls were reluctant to share a room again. I had them sit down at the table and write 10 positive things about sharing a room. They were allowed to add in requests too such as, "I would like the top bunk". I helped E-boy with his. E-boy's touched my heart. He was thrilled at the idea of sharing a room with his little brother. The girls had a couple that melted my heart as well. Boo said that she missed sharing a room at night and Sweet Pea said that though she wanted the top bunk she would give it to her sister. Awww.....
These are some pics of moving day.

High ho! High ho! It's off to work we go!

What was I thinking?!?!?!?

Under Construction ~ Girl's Room

The Beginnings of the Playroom/Schoolroom/Guest Room/Everything Room
It made me sad to pack up the crib. My baby is no longer a baby. Wah!


Remember what our garden looked like back in June? Here are some photos to update you. Amazing what God can grow from a few little seeds!

Bush Beans
See the little beans growing?

I love this picture because it shows the change from flower to vegetable.

E-boy's Garden

Large Zucchini Plant

Long View of Family Garden

Side View
You can barely see the marigolds now!

The Girl's Gardens

Precious Petals

From Rose Marie's rosebush.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ending with a Bang!

E-boy's birthday ended with a bang as we went down to our local ballpark to watch the fireworks. Due to rain the July 4th fireworks had been canceled. We thought it was neat that they were rescheduled for his birthday! Cool!

His new prized possessions.

The Kissing Bandit
E-boy loves to give kisses lately. He very much likes to kiss his sisters because they put up such a ruckus. Lol!


His "Excited Face" once again. Lol!

Daddy & our Birthday Boy waiting for the fireworks to begin.

Watching the Sky ~ Ooh! Ahhh!

Here they are!

Mama & Bugs enjoying the show & a snuggle.

Home at Last

Zonked Out
What an awesome birthday! I'm sure it's a day he will never forget.

Misc. from Birthday

Diva with her new duds we picked up.

Just Like Her Father

Blowing Bubbles Boy Style


Finally! A real post again! Lol! Here is more of E-boy's birthday. After we had the party we went to look through some "After Tag Sale Freebies". We found a bunch of beautiful clothes for Sweet Pea, some for Boo, a set of pretty dishes, a ball "house" w/balls, a pretty doll and a lawn chair. Yahoo! To celebrate our finds & E-boy's special day we took the kids down to our favorite ice cream haunt. King Kone! Everyone loved the special treat. When we got home Dave & the kiddos cooled off in the pool.

A legend!

Is your mouth watering? Your arteries hardening? Lol!

My Big Kid

Crazy girl.

Poor Bugs was tuckered out.

Enjoying his ice cream.

In the backseat but not forgotten.

Dancing & Being Silly

The Definition of Relaxed.

What a Face!
I caught E-boy just as he was coming up out of the water. Lol! I'm not sure what happened but he sure looks funny!

The Gang


You're Not Going Anywhere, Daddy!

Sporting His Ring & Laughing at Sissy