Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. & Chocolate Study

Today was Martin Luther King Jr. Day & the boys weren't clear on who he was. SO we sat down & had a little study on him. What better day than today, right? Believe it or not it fit in well with our Civil War studies. The boys are getting a very good understanding about how people have been mistreated through history. We started our Chocolate Study today too. We are using an Amanda Bennett study. The boys were practically DROOLING as we learned about how chocolate is made and the history of Milton Hershey. He was a very interesting and generous man. I have a new found admiration for him. 

Bugs doing his MLK worksheets from Enchanted Learning.

Princess was busy coloring.

The boys are both working hard.

Writing information always seals it into their minds much better than talking alone.

Work Central

Princess helped me sort the crayon bin.  

We filled this entire bag with broken crayons.  We are saving them for a craft.

Princess made a caterpillar the other day with Sweet Pea.  She adores it.

She likes to take it everywhere she goes.  It was part of her 'Letter C' lesson.

The boys with their MLK booklets & the book we read today.

Now to work on our Chocolate Study.

What a delicious book!

This is a great book.  Full of information & fun to read.  
 The boys with the books we read today & their research from Day #1.

We're looking forward to Day #2 and learning even more!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Very Special Ornaments

Every Christmas my FIL gives handmade ornaments to the grandchildren. This is no small task as there are lots! He designs, cuts & paints each and every one. We always look forward with anticipation to see what he has created. These are the ones from this year. Aren't they beautiful? 

Mama, Can We Do School?

I hadn't planned on starting back to school last week but the kids had different ideas. I guess they had enough vacation and were ready to hit the books! 

Princess brought out all her new puzzles and got to work.

Since she is the baby she hasn't done a lot on her own.  I insisted the older kids let her fly solo this time.  

She was very proud to do it all by herself!

Working in his new math book.

Red gloves help one think better.  Everyone knows that, right?  Lol.

Big sister, little sister working with the letter 'b'.

Science for one, math for the other.

The first time working in her 'Get Ready for the Code' book.

Buh, buh, buh....letter B!

Our favorite room to study in is the living room.

Who is back there with that camera?  MOM!

He chose a new book to read from our classics shelf.