Thursday, December 2, 2010

Primeval Reptiles

Our science chapter for these past 2 weeks were about Primeval Reptiles. It was very interesting full of things I've never learned before. I read the chapter aloud to the children as I do each time. Boy were those names tongue twisters! The Biblical view of Apologia is refreshing. Our children are learning about the glory of our Creator in every lesson.

Elvis' drawing of a Mosasaur.

Nothosaur under the ocean.

Boo Bear's Drawings

More of Boo Bear's drawings

Boo's Nothosaurus




I was impressed with their drawings & how much of the chapter they remembered. I admit it was really fascinating learning about these animals from long ago & how much scientists still don't know about them.
**Some of the spellings were different online than in the book. I used both in this post

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Rhonda said...

Wow! The kids did a great job on the drawings. I myself had problems pronouncing some of the names when Lindsay did a study like this.