Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Boxes Galore!

Our house is being packed up. It is wild to see towers of boxes all about. They are everywhere! Those guys are even packing up the basement, God bless them. =) I took a few shots for you to see. For those of you who remember the pics I posted of our house when we were showing it these will be a huge contrast.

From the kitchen to the dining room

School & storage closet. Did you ever think we'd see BARE shelves?

The foyer.
We can barely squeeze through here now.

The girls room
Where did Hannah Montana go?

Another shot of the dining room

Bugs loves the towers of boxes in the living room. He is very tempted to climb them!

He is now fast friends with one of the movers who happens to share his name!

Our pile keeps growing that we are taking along with us in the van & car. Question is.......will it all fit?

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MOMMY said...


I drove by today-what a big truck!!! When are you leaving?