Friday, August 17, 2007

Perfect Combination

After saying good-bye to Aunt Maralee, Uncle Rich, & the cousins we looked for something to do before going back to the hotel to swim & eventually crash. We remembered this little shopping center & stopped in. The boys gave no argument whatsoever once they spotted the train!

Outside the Choo-Choo Barn

Could it Be?!?!?!?

Yes! It is! It's THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE!!!!!! We simply HAD to get pics with Thomas.

Oldest Thomas Fan

Yes, I admit it I love Thomas. He's so cute!

Choo-Choo! All Aboard!

This is what Bugs yelled as he climbed aboard. He would be a very happy boy if we had one of these at home.


After his train ride we went upstairs to shop in the Thomas store & then we let Bugs, Boo & E-boy play with the train table, etc. in the hallway upstairs. This was their kind of place!

Here She Comes Again!

Mama was having some fun that day! While we waited for the kids to finish playing S.P. & I went out and entertained ourselves.

All Aboard!

Soon they joined us and wanted to play too.

Bugs & Sweet Pea

The perfect combination of playtime & shopping!

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