Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boo Bear's Bedroom

We spent 9 hours, yes, 9 hours working on Boo Bear's room last night. We didn't go to bed until the wee hours of the morning but we got the job done. Yay!

First Dave took down her top bunk. I didn't get a photo of the beds still together but you can imagine it, right? =0)

Then we moved all the furniture, picked up the junk & vacuumed. We scrubbed all the baseboards and the window sill. There were spots on the carpet that we scrubbed too. All the cleaning took quite awhile.
We moved the bed against the window but the rest of the furniture wouldn't fit well.

So we tried another option. This time we were pleased with the arrangement of the furniture. Daddy was a huge help in moving this all around as we decided where everything would go.

We switched out her dresser for Sweet Pea's since it is 4 inches shorter. Boo's went upstairs to my room. Next was cleaning out all the bins & boxes in her room & closet. My least favorite part.

The view from the doorway.
After hours & hours of work we were finally done! The books were sorted & placed on her bookshelves, her drawers were all cleaned out & arranged, her closet was purged & things placed neatly inside, her baskets under her bed were organized & her drawers under her bed all cleaned out. Her bedding is washed & the bed neatly made up. There are even 2 free drawers waiting empty for winter clothes! Yay!

The view from the closet.

Her tiny, organized closet.
We made the most of every little bit of space.

The view from her bed.
We were able to make a rather large pile of clothes & toys to give to Goodwill. A win-win as we can get it out of the house & someone else can use it.
With Boo's bedroom being so tiny we have to make certain to make the most of every space. One thing we do to help with storing her clothing is to put laundry baskets under her bed. They store toys as well as clothes. They are very inexpensive too & easy to take out & put back in. We've been doing this for years & it works very well for us.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Science Time at the Discovery Center

The Discovery Center had a science club afternoon. I thought it was going to be about math based on the description of the class & was excited to take Elvis. For those of you who don't know Elvis has a thing for numbers. He is a HUGE math fan! Well, it wasn't about math which was disappointing but the kids did get to explore outdoors and that was fun. It was the perfect weather for it too. Bugsy came along & enjoyed the exploration too.

First they explored the pond.

They really liked that they were allowed to touch.

There was a lesson about food chains. It was neat for the kids to see how everything is connected in one way or another.

After a couple of games about food chains we went back to explore some more.

Bugsy really took to the instructor. She was a little testy with him during their one-on-one which irritated me some but he didn't seem to notice. Overall it was a good time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Bathtub for a Bed

Poor Bugsy. We had Tornado Warnings Sunday night. We were in there twice waiting for the tornadoes to pass. At least one was only 3 miles away. Our safe place is our bathroom. Since there isn't room for all of us to sit on the floor the boys sat in the bathtub. Poor Bugs must have been exhausted from his big day b/c I looked over & he was sound asleep.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Call Me Concrete

Bugs put these on & said, "Call me, Concrete Mommy". So I did. This kid continually tickles my funny bone. LOL!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010


Recently we took a trip to the Nashville Zoo. It was the last day of the summer carousel rides. Well, the free ones for members that is. Normally we don't go on the ride because it adds up to $10 for all the kids to ride ONE time. Yikes! This time we were able to squeeze in 2 free rides before the time ran out. It was crowded!

I apologize for the less than stellar photos on the ride. I was trying to use my point & shoot and hold onto Princess at the same time while the ride was going & moving me around. Tricky! LOL!

Loving this special treat!


You're never too old for a fun ride on a carousel! Ask Sweet Pea! =0)

Look at me, Mom!

Love that big grin!

Princess & Mommy
It was her first carousel ride!

She wasn't sure about it at first. But then she was facinated watching everything & everyone.

Two families - 9 kids!

A visit up to the farm.

Walking through the gardens.

Some time in the bouncy house.

Time to see the new flamingo exhibit!

These birds are amazing!

Some of the girls wanted to take turns pushing Sweet Pea in her stroller. Sweet Pea loved it & waved as she rode along acting like she was queen in a parade. Lol!

Hello, fans!

The Red Panda is one of my favorites. It was a treat to have him come right up to the glass!

We saw many other animals too. My absolute favorites were the flamingos. It was a fun day & I'm looking forward to going again when it is cooler.