Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Humorous Sighting

Can you find the humor in this photo?

Here is a closer look:

The Left Side of the Photo

The Right Side of the Photo

Pleasant Valley

Last Saturday after a hard week I wanted to take some time and have a special day with the kids. Earlier in the week I reserved a pass at our local library for the Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. It took us a bit of time to get out the door but we finally made it! Yay! We went to pick up the pass at the library and then headed to Pleasant Valley.

A nice lady greeted us at the main building and showed us a trail that was perfect for our crew. The boys were eager to set out.

Lady Slippers ~ Aren't They Beautiful?

God's Creation

Happily Exploring

Boo Thought This Was Very Cool

Our First View Of the Pond

Bugs Claimed This Rock =)

Look, Mommy! Look! Look!

Look Mommy, a tree!" Bugs yelled excitedly. He was super cute.

Following the Blazed Trail

We heard a bullfrog by the pond. He sounded just like a twanging rubber band.

Big Sis Points Out Something for All to See

On Top of the Worrrrrrrld!

More Views

A Picturesque Bridge

Peeking At The Creek

This Caught My Eye

My Kiddos

The Pond Was Beautiful

There Was a Neat Walkway Around the Pond

Look At This!

Pointing Out the Fish

Another View of the Bullfrog Tadpoles

Isn't He a Cutie?
Everybody Got to Observe
I was surprised & pleased that our little friend sat patiently and let us watch him for quite some time.

A Closer Look


Stopping To Smell the Flowers

In Jail
The way these trees grew it looked exactly like bars. Isn't that funny?


I Love This Photo

Mommy Joins In


In Memory

We walked the trails for about 45 mintues. It was just enough and we were able to see lots of God's Creation. And we got bit by many mosquitos. Lol!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Moths Be Warned!

Lately we have had some unwelcome visitors. Pantry moths. For those of you unfamiliar with these little pests they are tiny, dust-like moths that breed like rabbits. Their eggs are almost undetectable as they are extremely small & hidden. I've never dealt with these critters before and had to do a Google search to identify them. I tried almost everything the websites suggested and would think they were exterminated only to wake up the next morning to find them everywhere. We have been able to contain them to our front porch. We had pasta and other dry goods there in a pantry which is where the trouble started, I suspect. My friend Julie gave me an extra moth trap from the box she used to trap them and to my delight it has worked like a dream! The moths are attracted to some scent and when they land they get stuck. I need to get another one of these to get the escapees. I know this may sound mean but it was a delight to look in my pantry (now empty of said dry goods) and see the catch! Thank you so much, Julie! This is a terrific invention! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!
{Above is a picture of our first catch. There were even more later! }