Thursday, February 26, 2015


We have now begun our second book in our Prairie Primer studies, Little House on the Prairie.  We are already enjoying it so much.  Last week we made covered wagons.  This week we learned about Native American hand talking (sign language), pictographs and several other ways the Native Americans communicated with their own tribes and other tribes.  We learned about gophers and prairie hens and other animals on the prairie.  We made masks and played games.  Every week Bugs asks if it is Prairie Primer Co-op week.  This is such a fun unit study made even better by awesome friends.

 Hard at work creating their own pictographs.

 Love the tongue.  =)

 Learning about birds of the prairie, gophers and prairie dogs.

 This photo makes me smile seeing how engaged all the kids are in learning.

 Prairie Chicken.

 A new game.  Wack-A-Gopher.  

 They thought this game was hilarious.  I have to admit I am a big fan too.  

He is loving this unit study.

Gathered around the computer learning Native American Hand Talking.

Deep concentration.

 We were getting into it!  Rain!

 After we were finished suddenly an impromptu marshmallow war broke out.  LOL!


Friday, January 16, 2015


 This afternoon we had some fun with our Flying Creatures studies.  This is a science book from Apologia.  It's full of interesting facts and best of all focuses on our Creator.  Today we took a break from reading and dove into some hands-on activities.

 First we made hand print birds.

 Boo is a big help to me.  And yes, she is making that face on purpose.  Lol.

 First pink, then purple.

 Last was blue.  After they dry we will add googly eyes & beaks.

 Next were dragonflies.

 Pipe cleaners and beads for our creations.

 Ta dah!

 And lastly Princess wanted to make butterflies.  We haven't reached them in our book yet but that's okay.  Butterflies are always welcome.  =)


I made one too.  It was fun.  I think I'm going to hang them in the windows.  I am feeling the need for spring.


I forgot to post this from our Prairie Primer studies.  This fall we read "Little House in the Big Woods".  We met with friends to do some fun, hands-on activities.  In this post we read about the dance at Grandpa and Grandma's house, learned to square dance, made hasty pudding and learned how real maple syrup is made.  It was a great day.

Reading about the dance.

Hasty pudding.

Square dancing!  Elvis joined us to help out.

Swing your partner!

Time to eat our hasty pudding.

It was unanimous.  It was good but even BETTER with real maple syrup.

Coloring as we learn about how maple syrup is made.

It was another great day.  Prairie Primer is our favorite subject this year.