Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 1 ~ Strasburg Rail Road

Day 1 dawned sunny & warm. We decided to let the kids take a swim after breakfast. They made up lots of games while in the pool. While they swam Dave & I made phone calls & searched on the Internet for someone who could AND would fix our ailing van. After a quick change it was time for lunch & then off to the Strasburg Rail Road.

Three Little Fishies
L to R

Sweet Pea, Big Boy & Petunia


It's hard to believe that this time last year he would barely put his big toe in the water.

The Cousins

Big Boy, Petunia & Nemo

My Hero!

I wasn't feeling 100% & Bugs was getting restless waiting for lunch. Auntie Maralee saved the day by picking him up & centering his attention on all the trucks & cars going by outside. She knows what Bugs loves ~ attention and vehicles!

Thomas Galore!

At the Strasburg R.R. there was a Thomas store complete with train table, tracks & trains. E-boy cried & cried when it was time to leave.

Happy Faces

Joined at the Hip

It was like they'd never been apart.

Boarding the Train

VERY, Happy Boys!

There is no place else they'd rather be. I think they were almost as excited as Uncle Rich!

Tickets, Please

Enjoying the Train Ride

Hanging Out

Catch Me If You Can!

We made a brief stop at the little playground & picnic area before boarding the train again.

Back on the Train ~ Field of tobacco

Watching the World Go By

Riding By the Farm

A Cold Drink

Family Time

Here Comes the Train!


As we were leaving we couldn't resist watching the train one more time.

Bye, bye!

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