Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Dear House & Chores,

Please excuse Kristine aka Mommy from work today as she is not feeling well. Thank you for your understanding.

I have caught Sweet Pea's cold. (S.P. is feeling much better - hooray!) The morning wasn't too bad as I took some Sudafed but this afternoon I conked out. I woke up with the feeling that someone had scoured my throat with sandpaper while I was asleep and pounded on my stuffed up head. Dave is babying me tonight & making sure I get some rest. What a wonderful man. Yes, I am a wimp. And a baby. But if I can get the chance to rest I'm taking it! *big grin* Don't worry I'm still doing my share. I worked on the mountain of laundry today & lots of vacuuming too. Tomorrow I plan to tackle some more zucchini and wrestle it into the freezer. I hope to also make a dent in the schoolroom/playroom/guest room/everything room. I'm eager to get it set up & organized before our company arrives. Talk to you tomorrow! My jammies & hot tea are calling!

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Amy said...

Feel better soon!!! What a nice husband to baby you!!!