Wednesday, January 30, 2008

'Please' & 'Thank You'?

Hearts, like doors, open with ease
When we say thank you and if you please!

I posted some items to give away on our local Freecycle this morning. I have had 3 requests so far. What happened to please and thank you? So far it's been, "I want these. Where can I pick them up?" Maybe it's my mood today but I think common courtesy is becoming a thing of the past. I've decided that the first person to say "please" & politely request these items will get them. What do you think?

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MOMMY said...

I have done the same thing with Freecycle. I get so many emails for things that are in my opinion rude! I know when I request something I am always grateful that they were even offered in the first place.

It is not your mood, common courtesy is lacking!!!