Sunday, March 8, 2009

What Is This?!?!?

We couldn't believe it! Last Sunday we woke up to S-N-O-W! 6 inches in fact! Now that's peanuts compared to where we used to live but here........WOW! The kids were over the moon with excitement. As soon as it got to a decent hour where they wouldn't be waking up the entire neighborhood with their glee we brought out the snow clothes and let them loose.

The front yard & driveway.

Casey Kitty tracks. Guess she was out exploring the snow too.

The neighborhood.

Boo leads the snowball attack on Daddy.

Where to sit?

The battle has begun!

Bugs was very excited to be outside in the white stuff.

Perfect place to stock up on ammunition.

I love the expression on his face.

The snow was heavy and brought these branches down.

Boo made a little Boo snow girl.
The snow was perfect packing snow.

Don't they look cute together?

The boys ran, rolled in & threw the snow. Fun!
Even the skylights were covered. We watched it melt slowly from indoors.

More snowball battles with big sister.

Run, Sweet Pea! Run! LOL!

This is a fun memory & one for the record books!
Hard to believe here it is a week later and it was 76 degrees today! Wild!

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