Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hike with Daddy

On the same weekend we went to the train expo. Dave took the kids to a local battlefield. It was another beautiful day and all were itching to get outside. I chose to stay home & get a much needed nap. They all had a great time & I enjoyed hearing all about in upon their return.

Boo took these pics of their outing:

The Visitors Center

Tennis Courts

Off on their hike

I'm looking forward to seeing this sometime soon.

Some of the history

Bugs talked & talked about the cannon.

Boo didn't get any pictures of it this time but they all told me about this cool castle thing (jungle gym perhaps?) they were allowed to play on. My guess is she was having too much fun to stop and take photos. =)
I'm really looking forward to seeing it as the kids went on & on about it. It sounds like tons of fun! Everyone enjoyed their hike and are looking forward to spring so they can go back again!

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