Monday, March 30, 2009

Deep Cleaning

We worked for HOURS on Sunday. The boys room had taken on a life of it's own. The smell alone was keeping everyone but them away and there was no way to walk through their room without stepping on several things. I knew with everything going on we didn't have the time that had to be invested to get it clean and there was no way I could do it on my own. So Sunday we dived in and it was do or die trying. I literally worked for over 8 hours. I think Dave did the same b/c though he started after I did he gave me a break at the end when he saw I was losing it & incredibly sore. The girls helped some too. They weren't happy about it but Dave & I reminded them of all the times we have done the majority of deep cleaning in their rooms. They didn't complain so much after that. We organized, threw things out, washed out icky bins, sorted & arranged. Some toys went onto the new garage shelves Dave built. This way the toys can be switched out when boredom occurs. And it should help cut down on the mess that happens when everything is dumped out at once. All moms of young kids out there know exactly what I'm talking about. By the time we were finished there were 5 black garbage bags full of garbage. We may have to make an extra trip to the dump this weekend! Whew!

On Saturday we worked in the Family Room. There were still boxes that needed unpacking, books that needed to be shelved, toy shelves to be organized, and lots to vacuum including the inside & outside of the couch. Dave also moved things out of the Baby's room that didn't belong & placed and hooked up the television on the chest that's been waiting for it. It looks like I had dreamed it would! I was starting to wonder if I had misjudged the size & potential of the room as all the junk & misc. stuff made it seem smaller all the time. How awesome it is to have a little family room upstairs to relax in and for the kids to play in.

The "new" family & toy room! This shot was taken while standing in the doorway of our master bedroom. The door at the opposite end is the Baby's room.

We have plenty of room for our library of books & even a table to do schoolwork on. I love the toy & bookshelves that Dave built. They are perfect for that specially shaped space. (The door to the left leads downstairs.)

Our couch from the old house fits nicely up here. It's a great place for us to hang out and watch family movies together.

The shelves that Dave built all organized with books & toys.

I love this little nook in the boys room. It's a perfect place for their desk.
Here the boys are playing together on Elvis' V-tech laptop.

It was worth all the hard work for these little faces.

Elvis is very pleased with his clean room.
(And BTW, their room is right off the Family Room.)

It's not perfect but heck it's a boys' room!

The view from the opposite end of the room. Their room is nice & long.
Dave shampooed the main carpet too. It will need to be done at least one more time.
Total time of all our workers for both rooms was well over 35 hours. Thank God for teamwork! And we LOVE the end results!

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