Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Pictures

I know it's difficult to see ultrasound pics and even more so when they are posted on a blog. BUT that being said I couldn't resist trying to post them. I was tickled when the tech gave these to us today. I hadn't expected it and it was like a little Christmas gift. =)

The little foot & toes are right below where she typed "foot". Look at that precious little limb that's been kicking me!

The same foot with a cutie little hand holding onto it. You can barely make out the hand but when you see the original u/s pic you can see the little knuckles. Isn't that cute Baby found his/her toes already?

The tech said Baby has hair! The little bitty fuzzy sprouts are hair. I'm wondering now if that means it's dark hair......hmmmm.......

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