Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fire Pit

Darin came over the other Sunday. The kids had a grand time playing with him as usual. I had to crack up when I looked out the back window. Elvis came around the corner of the shed with a big branch and was going after Uncle Darin. Darin looked around and spotted a rake. He, in turn started to duel with Elvis. Suddenly Elvis took off with Darin & the rake right behind him. It made me laugh how he can be a kid right along with mine. I love it & so do they!

While he was here Darin suggested getting some bricks and making a fire pit. I had planned on buying one anyway, (Gotta love that tax $!), so I suggested they go ahead and get that instead. Dave included, they all piled into the van and a little while later came home with a fire pit. They got to work cutting apart a branch that fell in the last snow storm.

Dave stripping the smaller branches.

Still sawing away!

Elvis helped Daddy out with the smaller branches.

Unfortunately it got VERY windy and it became dangerous to light a fire. Boo! But the good news is that the wood is all ready for when we get out there to toast up some marshmallows. Maybe this weekend?

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