Monday, March 30, 2009

New Doo & Latest Belly Pics

When Sweet Pea & I went for her birthday hair doo I also had mine cut. I have been wanting to for quite some time but always found an excuse not to. The biggest ones were time & not knowing where to go. I finally chose a stylist based on an ad. Oh, and an AWESOME coupon! They were advertising Buy 1 haircut/Get 1 haircut free! WOW! This was for new customers only and we fit the bill. I had saved some Christmas gift $ for my haircut and was pleased to save the $$ on Sweet Pea's cut. Of course I did tip for the price of 2 haircuts. That is only fair. Even so I saved the $35 hair cut fee. How abut that?!?!?

She cut it shorter than I had planned but that's okay as I know it will grow. Plus I think it will be nice when Baby comes b/c it's so easy to wash, blow out & wear.

My latest belly pics.

Yes, my belly is a road map. But I wear my map proudly. I earned every single one of these!

Proud of my big belly & the resident inside!

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