Monday, March 16, 2009


It's taken me awhile to get these photos downloaded & posted. But smile! They are finally here! =)
As many of you know Boo Bear participated in her first AWANA Games the last Saturday in Feb. She was asked to be on the team after her teachers saw how fast she was in the regular Wed. night games. After that she attended Friday night practices and had fun learning the games & gaining faster speeds & skills.
We caravaned with the rest of the crew on that Saturday. The games were held at a high school in Nashville. We let Boo Bear ride the church bus and she was super excited about that. Once we all arrived the team stuck together, warmed up, and then sat together to wait for the younger kids, (the Sparks), to compete. We waved from the bleachers as they marched in and then enjoyed the games.

A Proud Boo Bear

This game was insane. The teams (each church had a team) each lined up on their own colored line. When the whistle was blown they crawled as fast as they could to the opposite colored line. The goal was to have their entire team all lined up on the opposite line and be the first to do so. I was certain someone was going to crack heads as they raced as fast as they could straight towards the middle. They even played it twice! By some miracle no one was hurt. As a bonus our church team won both times! Yay!

In this game they ran around the circle with a beanbag on their head. If it fell off they had to stop until they got it back on again. The first team to have all their members do this and then run and grab the pin in the middle won. We won one of these.

Our cheering squad.
They had these pom poms for sale for $1 each at the door. Our teams' color was red. We had fun cheering with them.

I love Bugsy's face in this pic.

Go, Team, Go!

Daddy & Bugs

Mommy, Baby & Bugs

She's pulling my chain here. LOL!

Here come our older team! Rah! Rah!

There's our Boo Bear! (on the right)

Boo is 2nd from the right here in red.
This game they lined up & the person standing alone had to toss the beanbag back & forth to each team member in line. Boy were they fast!

Here they go!

This time the team lined up 4 players. They each took a turn running as fast as they could to the middle to pick up the beanbag and then give it to their team member. (BTW, when they were playing these relays 3 other teams were doing the same thing at the same time. To see who was done first, once they finished they had to run to the middle and pick up the bowling pin.)

Boo in the 3-legged race.

In this game they had to hit the balloon over their team line.
No kicking allowed & the balloon had to stay in the air.

Love this little boy!

The whole event lasted 6 hours. A LONG TIME to sit in those bleachers. Near the end we were getting bored of sitting and frankly I was very sore from sitting. The boys had some fun goofing off while we waited for scores to be tallied and such.

Bugs goofing off in the bleachers.

More horsing around with Daddy.
Boo Bear's team won FIRST PLACE in her division! I can't even tell you how happy she was! It was a fabulous experience for her and I hope she can do it again next year.
I didn't get a chance to get a pic of Boo & her medal. I need to do that soon! They did proudly wear their shirts & medals to AWANA the following week. They were going to wear them to church on Sunday but we had snow & church was cancelled.
CONGRATULATIONS BOO BEAR! We are all very proud of you!


tammy said...

Congratulations!! 6 Hours!? My bones ached for you just reading that. ;)

Just wanted to tell you about the art I got for K's room. You asked on my blog and I figured I'd answer here instead of frugalmoms. One of the butterfly pictures we got at HomeGoods. They are sister stores with TJ Maxx. Not sure if you have those around or not. The thing is...the selection is always hit or miss. They don't regularly stock anything. However, I always find something there that is cheery for a baby's room. The blue butterfly came from North Carolina. The other pictures I think we got at a craft store.(like AC Moore) The hanging butterflies were from Domestications.(catalog, but they have a website) Just keep your eye peeled. They were all inexpensive...but really brighten up her room. :)

MOMMY said...

Looks like a great day! I think that you are all fitting in so well-I am so happy for you with your move!