Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sweet Pea's Birthday

Sweet Pea turned 13! I can't believe she is a teenager already -- although she has been acting like one for years. Winky 2 Part of her celebration this year was that she could choose a place to go out to eat and who to go with. She decided she wanted the whole family to celebrate with her. She chose a local place that we have seen the signs for for months. It was fun to try out a new place.

The kids all crack up every single time they see this sign or hear the name. LOL!

Goofing around while waiting in the van.

Aren't they silly?

Here's the Birthday Girl!
Isn't she beautiful?

Can you guess what caught my eye?

This was a wild looking fan.

After a delicious lunch we headed to Target to shop. Everyone still had some Christmas $ from Nana on the Target gift card. Sweet Pea ALWAYS loves to go shopping so this was perfect for her day.

I can't be on my feet for very long anymore. I asked if I could ride a scooter and they told me y-e-s. Oh my gosh it was fun!

Bugs playing with his new toy from Nana. Thank you Nana!

Sweet Pea decided to have Death By Chocolate for her dessert this year. It does have cake in it so that counts, right? Lol. Daddy & Boo made a big bowl of it. Oh my goodness it was delicious!

Hee, hee, hee!

Happy Birthday!

Being silly while waiting for his dessert.

Funny boys!

Her banner.

Earrings from her sister.

A cute pink monkey from her brother.


A Lifeway gift card & new purse from Mama & Daddy.

A sweet kitty.

For our budding artist

Sweet Pea opened some candy & the kids went wild. It was all in good fun. =0)

His new Matchbox toy.

Earrings from Grannie.

Kissing the Birthday Girl

Daddy & Bailey

Bailey & his new pal.

Sweet Pea had a great birthday. In addition to the presents pictured here she also received a guinea pig, Bella, complete with cage from Mama & Daddy; a new comforter for her bed & the promise of a salon haircut also from Mama & Daddy; a Barnes & Noble gift card from Grannie; a reading light from Grandpa; a Walmart gift card from Grandma & Grandpa M. & a cash gift from Nana. Boy, was she blessed!


Three In My Nest said...

a guinea pig! Kristine! That's called cat food! LOL!
Happy Birthday to Missie!

Kristine said...

LOL! That's what I was thinking too. =) She has been begging us for one since last summer. When I found someone was giving one away plus the cage and accessories I gave in. I am amazed at how well the cats get along with Bella. Of course we never leave them all alone and free in the same room. LOL! But that being said when Sassy first met Bella she sniffed her carefully and then after a pause started to groom her. I guess having never seen a mouse or rat she figured Bella was a kitten too. Hee, hee.
I'll tell her Aunt Tammy said, Happy Birthday. =)