Monday, March 23, 2009

Playground Fun

We have had some wild weather this spring. We will fluctuate from 40's and rainy to mid-70's or more and sunny and hot. Last week we hit a few of those beautiful days in a row. I heard rain was coming in the days to follow the nice weather and decided we needed to get outside and enjoy it while it was given to us. I looked up a local playground on the Internet and after packing a cooler of drinks we were on our way.

Signs of spring in our front yard.

At the playground Bugs wastes no time in getting on the equipment.

Boo clowning around.

Here comes Elvis!

Three Little Monkeys

His new "home" as he called it.


Chasing after his sister.......

I was very impressed when he made the long reach & then slid down this pole. What a brave boy!

Almost there!


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