Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grocery Bargains

I found some terrific deals last week. First at the Discount Bread Store we found these on the day old rack. How can you beat 50 cents & $1? I bought 2 of each - one to enjoy now & one for the freezer. YUM!

Next we stopped at one of the discount grocery stores. I am always careful in these stores b/c not everything is a deal. Many items are priced as high as or sometimes higher than the regular grocery store. BUT there are also many items priced below. So I do my homework & keep my eyes wide open. That day I found some awesome deals on meat. $1.29/lb. for pork chops and very meaty pork ribs! $1.49/lb. for a pork roast and $1.69/lb for hamburger! Cha-ching!

Some more of my finds at the bread store..........$1 a loaf of stone ground wheat bread (normally over $3) and .79 cents/loaf for 100% wheat bread. It was the same days date. No problem as I just throw it in the freezer! Great savings! I bought 2 loaves of one and 4 loaves of the other.

My freezer is well stocked for the moment, (these were taken last Tuesday), & thanks to Boo Bear very nicely organized. =0)

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