Friday, March 6, 2009

More Baby News

For those of you traveling this road with us........

I went in for my weekly NST & BP check on Thursday. Another fantastic report! Baby is doing well. So well in fact that Baby was really making the nurse, in her words, "work for my money". LOL! At first when I relaxed back in the armchair Baby had a big ol' bump (Arm? Leg? Butt?) sticking out of the top of my tummy making it rather lopsided. It was quite comical and I wish I had my camera along. Because of this lump/bump the straps didn't fit quite right and therefore the monitor couldn't pick up the heartbeat as well as it needed to. We did a little poking & prodding but Baby refused to budge. Finally Tammy, my nurse had me lie partway on my left side with a pillow propping me up. That did the trick and soon we heard that amazing, precious galloping sound of the heartbeat. Tammy left the room to tend to other duties & Elvis and I were alone to chat & hang out. Baby kept at the antics. In fact he/she was so wiggly at several points he/she knocked himself/herself off the monitor. I laughed every time this happened as it made me wonder if this was a peek at Baby's personality. At one point Baby kicked so hard that when he/she came back on the monitor it read 195 as the heart rate! Wow! Usually it is between the 150-165 range. I teased Elvis that his new sibling was going to be just as wiggly & active as he is. He liked this idea a lot and laughed along with me.

My doctor, Dr. B., came in afterward to see how we were doing. After checking out the reading she declared that Baby is doing excellent. My BP was also down again for the 3rd week in a row. My weight is also holding steady & I am still measuring 3-4 weeks ahead. Dr. B. said to me and I quote, "Keep doing whatever you are doing because it's working." That was music to my ears. I felt like I had earned an A+ & gold star all in one. It made all this being off my feet worthwhile to hear the report that Baby is doing well & I am making it safer for her giving her time to grow. I applaud my husband & kids too who have been stepping up while I am down. They are fantastic!

On our way home from the doctors I decided to celebrate with a little treat. At first I was going to get something for only Elvis & I but then thought better of it. I knew he would tell the other 3 and then there would be mutiny. Especially from my child with the obsessive sweet tooth.....Mr. Candy Man. So on second thought I decided instead of a coveted vanilla shake from Burger King we would stop at the bread store. Truth be told it was better on my wallet too since it is a discount bread store. Love those! We picked up a box of chocolate Zingers and I swear Elvis hugged them all the way home. He was a happy, happy boy!

I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday with a follow up with Dr. B. I pray we'll bring you another glowing report! I am beyond excited to see our Little One again.

Oh, and we're going baby shopping tomorrow! A consignment shop or two are having their spring sales. I am ready to find some bargains and pray we do so. To my surprise when I asked Dave if he wanted to come he said yes. Yay! I know he won't be as thrilled as I to shop but it means the world to me that he is going and WANTS to go. =)

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Megan said...

Thank you so much for letting us share in this exciting time with you. :) What a fabulous report, and what a wonderful mama you are. I really do hang on every detail of baby news that you share! You are getting so close now...