Monday, March 31, 2008

On The Lamb

If You Have Seen This Catepillar Please Let Us Know

Fuzzy Wuzzy has escaped! Sweet Pea let him out for "some exercise" (her words) & he disappeared. I have an inkling that she left him longer than she has admitted to. It's comparable to having a turtle disappear in 2 seconds. Not possible, I'm thinking.

So, if you happen to see Fuzzy W. in your neck of the woods please tell him he is missed. =(

Grand Re-Opening!

Our local museum has been closed down due to renovations. On Saturday they had their grand re-opening. I have been waiting & saving for this as I wanted to purchase a museum membership. When we travel this spring we plan to visit a lot of museums and will use the ASTC passport program.

We did a quick run through on Saturday as we had another commitment to get to that morning but plan to go back very soon. Elvis is eager to visit the little aquarium and see the mummy.

Love the Goggles!

Digging for Dinosaur Bones

Bugs Looking at the Bones

His Favorites ~ The Dioramas

A new section has been added to the museum. It is a hands-on area for the children teaching them about innovation.

This Quote is Now One of My Favorites

How Does This Thing Work?

Exploring With Daddy

Trying Out the Older Toys


Touch Tank
Their were horseshoe crabs in this little tank. Elvis was scared they would sting him but I explained to them that if they touched the top of the shell they would be fine. Boo summed up her courage and touched the crab to show Elvis it was okay.

It's Okay
After seeing nothing happened to his sister Elvis took a turn.

Listening to the Birds

Bugs really loved naming all the animals.

The Butterflies Were a Hit Too

Posing With Wally

Bugs With His Ever Present Backpack of Cars

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Too Cute

This totally cracked me up!

Bugs Meets Fuzzy

Bugs No Like ~LOL!
Fuzzy tries to get closer to Bugsy but Bugs was having none of it!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Heart Moment

Most of you already know this but for those that don't Bugs was born after I had a miscarriage. We were devastated when we lost our little Rose Marie on October 7, 2004. I was only 2 months along in my pregnancy but we already loved her with all our hearts. We tried for another baby as soon as we could praying God would bless us with another little one to fill our aching arms & hearts. We love our first 3 children with all our hearts & we have always wanted to add to that love & joy. Our hearts desire was to have more children and thankfully God blessed us with little Bugs. While our little Rose was due in mid-May of 2005, Bugs was born in September of 2005. I can't begin to adequately describe how much this little guy has brought to our family. There isn't a day that goes by that I think, "I can't imagine life without him". The older kids agree that our family would not be the same without our blessing of little Bug-a-Boo. He is such a lovey, animated, smart, funny, smiley, creative, snugly child. I praise God that He blessed us with this little sweetheart.

Here are some various shots of our little Bug-a-Boo. Kind of a little photo shoot. =)

A few of him when he was smaller:

We are very blessed to have our precious children.

What Will The Weather Be?

April 2008

Apr. 1-5: Sunny, then rain and snow, cool
Apr. 6-11: Sunny, seasonable
Apr. 12-15: Warm, t-storms
Apr. 16-22: Showers, then sunny, cool
Apr. 23-30: Rain, then sunny, cool

I found this information in the Farmer's Almanac. I think it would be neat to do an experiment with the children using this. We could keep a record of the daily weather and compare it later to the Almanac's predictions. I have to admit I'm curious about what the results will be. Has anyone done this before? If so, what were your findings?

Would You Like to Give Back to Those Who Serve?

My friend, Cindy, is assembling boxes for a large group of single marines who are coming home from deployment. This is a great way to give back to those who serve our country. You can read more on Cindy's blog.

Fuzzy Wuzzy

When we were outside for our egg hunt Monday Sweet Pea found a new friend. It's a Banded Woolly Bear caterpillar. She made him a habitat in a shoebox adding leaves, sticks and some moisture. She researched how to care of him & named him "Fuzzy Wuzzy".

Fuzzy hangs out with the family.

Fuzzy with His New Mama

Out For Some Exercise

Isn't He Cute?

Elvis & Fuzz ~ Friends Forever

Side Shot

Keeping A Close Watch

Some Sugar For Fuzzy

Friday, March 28, 2008

Mama's New Toy

See my new toy? My Mom & Tim gave it to me for birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, Easter, 4th of get the idea. *wink* I thought I needed a special memory card for it and I've been holding off trying it out because of that. I discovered that it takes the same memory cards as my little camera. I gave it a try the other night and played around. It was fun! The kids had a blast posing for me. They told each other they were movie stars. Lol! I'm looking forward to using it for an outing very soon.

The Hunt is On!

We had our Easter egg hunt on Monday after Dave came home from work. It was quite cold but sunny. The kids were eager to get started. Dave set up a chair for me outside so I could sit and watch the excitement. The kids had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt. So cute! I love their enthusiasm.

Directions from Daddy
We found out years ago how helpful it is to assign each child a specific color to hunt for.


He always has a tool or car in hand wherever he goes. Lol!

Sharing Candy
Boo shared some candy with Bugs. See how excited he is? He is jumping up and down chanting, "Candy! Candy!"

The kids really enjoyed the egg hunt. It was too cold to stay outside much longer so we headed in with their treasures.
A Pink Peep

Silly Girl

Family Favorite
This is our favorite Easter candy!

Little Chipmunk
Look at His Cheeks!

Bunny Ring Pop

Candy is ALWAYS a big hit at our house! The kids also received some coins & stickers too.