Thursday, September 6, 2007

Walking the Trail

On Tuesday in the late afternoon we went for a walk on the trail. What a beautiful path. There were lots of trees for shade & our kids enjoyed riding their scooters. Plus we saw some wildlife! We're looking forward to going back again soon.

Walking the Trail

Boo & E-boy on their scooters.

Uncle Dave & Curly Fry

Auntie Kristine & Curly Fry

Wild Morning Glory?

Pretty Scenery

Mixing it Up a Bit
C.F. takes a turn in the stroller while Cupcake stretches her legs.

Loving the Fresh Air!

The children found this little hill & a trail. They looked at it as an adventure.

King of the World!!!!!!!!!

Look What We Saw!

Isn't he amazing? We saw him fly too!

Walking With Mommy

Curly got a great view from way up there! Lol! As you can see Uncle Dave was having fun too.

We also saw a few turtles. They are quite graceful when they swim.

Pretty, Aren't They?
Curly liked these the best as her favorite color is purple.

E-boy loved spending time with Aunt Jenny & Curly Fry.

After a yummy dinner of pizza we had a relaxing evening hanging out together.
Aunt Jenny & Dimples
Bright light gives Jenny a migraine so I didn't use the flash. Dimples is wearing the outfit we gave her. Made my day!

Hanging Out With Cupcake
Cupcake & I had fun putting some puzzles together. She is a smart little girl!

Snuggle Time
Daddy & E-boy cuddled up with a book.

Don't you love E's outfit? Lol! He has quite the imagination & we love it.

Puzzle Mania
Bugs loved the puzzles too. I need to do this with him more often. I keep forgetting he's a big boy now.

Our Baby & Theirs
Bugs was fascinated with Dimples.

Dimples in her outfit.
It was nice relaxing & simply being together.

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