Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Get Ready Cause Here We Come!

Here I am catching up AGAIN.

These pics are from our trip to the park when Matt & Jenny were here. We took them to the park Terry introduced us too. We love it there! It was a hot day & we had lots of fun. We played on the big playground, rode the train, went through the little zoo, had a picnic lunch & rode on the paddle boats. On the way home we stopped for ice cream. It was extra special sharing this day with Matt, Jenny and our sweetie-pie nieces. I miss them lots.

Boo My Little Monkey

Blast Off!
Bugs loves the thrill of the slide.

Big & Little Cousins
It warms my heart to see our children helping out their little cousins.

Gaining Confidence
Curly was afraid at first but gained confidence as she went along realizing she could do it & that S.P. was hanging on. Our brave little Curly Top!

Bugs had a great time!

Zip Ride

Making Music
Bugs & Curly struck up some tunes on the playground.

Leading the Way
Bugs leads Cupcake up the stairs.

Yee ha!

Big & Little

Ahoy, E-boy!

No Fear
Bugs loves the playground. The faster the better! Lol!

Cowgirl Curly!

Having a Blast!
E-boy was all over that playground. Lol!

Cupcake was cute. She would climb the ladder, walk a few steps, drop on her seat & scoot until she got to the edge of the slide. Then she would make sure I was ready & go for it! I was so proud of her. She was afraid at first but trusted me & went down the slide. With each trip she gained confidence & soon she was running around climbing all over the place. What a brave girl!

Smiling Bugs
Bugs enjoyed the ride but it wasn't long before he wanted to be on the move. Can't keep that boy down! Lol.

Curly Fry & Boo

This Is How It's Done, Is It Not?
Leave it to Bugs to stir things up. What a boy!

Silly Girl

I was very proud of C.F. & C.C. They haven't been on a playgroud much and they did so well & were willing to try new things. Yay, girls!

Train Ride!
Boo gets ready for the fun!

Cool Dude

Curly Fry L-O-V-E-D the Train Ride

Silly Boys
Matt & Dave goof around on the train ride. I think the tunnel was their favorite as they made lots of entertaining noises. *grin*

Cupcake & Her Daddy

Train Ride for Two

Boo & Bambi
Boo fell in love with the deer. She managed to find corn to feed them too! She is very resourceful.

My Turn!
I couldn't resist the deer either & had to take a turn. They are beautiful creatures.

Best Buds Hanging Out

The Fearsome Foursome
Watch out world! Hee, hee.......

Turkey Talk
Dave had a little chat with the turkeys. Worked them up into quite a tizzy! He had a little conversation with the eagle too. I have that one on tape. Yes, he's my Dr. Doolittle.

Keep it Moving, Aunt Kristine!
We stopped to pose for a picture but Cupcake wanted nothing of it. She had an agenda and she was sticking to it. Lol!

Taking the Lead
Now it's E-boy who is in a hurry to go. I tell ya it's an adventure walking with a 1,3 & 5 year old! Lol!
(You know I loved it.)

Doesn't She Look Fantastic?
Can you believe she had a baby only 3 months ago? I want to know her secret!

Watching & Waiting
The guys took the older kids out on the paddle boats. At first Cupcake was asleep but woke up after awhile. Bugs was glad he had his buddy to hang out with. They got a big kick out of watching the boats go by.

Boat #1 Coming Up!
Here they are sailing by. Oh, the best is yet to come!

Yes, Look in the Back!
Oh my, this cracked me up! He looked so darn cute!

My Big Guy
Doesn't he look adorable? Like a big kid. Hee,hee.

My Two Sailors
Sweet Pea was surprised at how much work a paddle boat is. She had to paddle the boat alone. E-boy tried to help but couldn't reach the peddles. Tee, hee. She was a good sport about it.

Don't Do It!
E-boy tried to jump ship but thankfully listened to his Mama. Whew!

Here They Come!
Round 2 round the pond.......

A Princely Wave
See Dolls? I've taught him well. *wink
The paddle boats were rented for a 1/2 hour but our crew quit a bit early. They were tuckered out & to boot it was a hot day. We decided to call it a day & head home for some ice cream.
I think our biggest adventure at the park was during our picnic. Yellow Jackets invaded like ants. One came & must have told his buddies b/c soon we were surrounded. Our men protected us valiantly. The casualites were a can of soda, a cup of juice and sadly a few yellow jackets. Thankfully we all survived to tell the tale.

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