Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Here are a few pics from our week thus far. I am trying hard to get some school in. We need to get back into our routine! Baby steps.......baby steps.

Today we went down to the Boys & Girls Club and signed the girls up for a weekly cooking class. It will start after soccer ends. They participated last year & the classes were a big hit. The best part is that the cooking classes are FREE with a $10/year membership fee! My cousin & her hubby gave each of the kids $10 while they were here & kindly gave it to Dave and I to use as we wanted for them. We decided that the kids would love extra activities and that is what we have used or set it aside for. With the boys I am not sure yet. Maybe towards swimming lessons. I know E-boy is eager to start again. I'm also hoping to add piano lessons for the girls soon. We may have found a wonderful, talented, Christian young women to teach our girls. I received a glowing reference for her today. She sounds amazing! She is being more than generous with her fees.

I hope you enjoy the pics from our new week!

When we went downtown this morning this caught my eye.

Here We Are!
Ready to go in and sign up!

Thank you, Aunt Laura & Uncle Neil!

The girls used their money gift for a membership at the Boys & Girls Club

After sign-ups we went over to the library. I got a new library card. Yay! I haven't been able to find mine since April & it was time to give in and get a new one. I am a bookworm and the library is one of my very favorite places.

Uh oh.
This afternoon Sweet Pea came downstairs to report that E-boy had broken the light fixture in the playroom. I went upstairs to see the damage & talk to him. He was hiding in his room crying & afraid because he knew he was in trouble. He did get in trouble but I didn't yell. I talked to him firmly finding out that he had purposely thrown Tinker Toys & as a result broke the light fixture. He was disciplined and also was not allowed to go to the playground or have dessert tonight. We prayed about it & he asked God to forgive him. Dave & I also forgave him reassuring him that we love him no matter what he does. We may not be happy with his behavior or choices at times but we will never stop loving him.

School Time!
This is our Biology book we will be studying this year.

Gotta Love It!
One of the perks of homeschool - - studying & relaxing at the same time.

Working Together
Boo & I had some one-on-one time today to study. First we tackled our new Biology book. We discussed the reading & Boo wrote down definitions & the first stanza of "The Creation" by Cecil Frances Alexander, the poem she is memorizing.

New This Year
This is our new writing curriculum. Boo wanted to stay home from soccer tonight & to do more. We've never had that happen before! Lol!

Mama, Boo & Tinkerbelle
To Boo's delight Tinks joined us for our school time.

Writing is Fun!
This was our 1st exercise. The objectives were "#1 Word Play & #2 Use Adjectives". We first discussed adjectives & then chose a few. We were to write our word(s) in letters that describe the word. Boo & I had a good time with this!

Where's Tucker?
Here he is! Aren't cats funny? He was snuggled on this bottom bookshelf. Yes, even our kitty is homeschooled! Lol.

Gives a New Meaning to 'Snuggled Up with a Good Book'
Or in kitty's case, several good books. *wink*

Yesterday ~ Monday
Boo takes some time to love on our other cat, Casey. We've had Casey since Sweet Pea was 18 months old.

We're cat people! Sweet Pea snuggles two at once.
(FYI, Davey loves dogs but they are too much work & $$ for us right now. Maybe when the kiddos are older.)

Bugsy the Bookworm
Following family tradition Bugs is becoming quite the little bookworm.

E-boy & Boo work on E's math.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a good day too! We have Bible study in the morning & then I hope to get some baking done. Of course schoolwork too! The kids will work on that some while I am in Bible study & they are in another room down the hallway with the "babysitter". And it's supposed to be beautiful outside too!

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Amy said...

Looks like you are being productive!!!

We are not so much this week! Nolan and Rachel have been doing some bookwork but we are not getting done all I wish we would!