Monday, September 24, 2007

Shave & A Haircut.......2 Bits!

Remember that little diddy? Poor Tinkerbelle. She was on the receiving end of this. Not quite a shave but definitely a haircut and whisker trim. Friday afternoon Tinks was cuddled up on her favorite spot, my bed. Sweet Pea came in & after petting her for a bit asked why her fur looked odd. I glanced at it and it looked a little like when someone sleeps on their hair badly. I thought it was from her curling up on the bed (though it's never happened before). Upon closer inspection we saw that her fur had been trimmed on one side! She has a rippling effect to her fur and then a little patch gone on her head. Thankfully none of the cuts are down to the skin. I questioned E-boy about this strange turn of events. He looked scared & then confessed that he was the barber in question. I asked him WHY he would choose to trim the cat. He replied in all honesty,"I wanted to make a coat for the Barbie". Good grief. Later Sweet Pea found a small pile of fur. She put it in a baggie and plans to keep it in her scrapbook. Okay.........

***As I mentioned before it's a little tough to get the full effect on camera b/c of the pattern of her fur. But maybe you can see the "ripple effect" I was talking about. What I can't get over is WHY she allowed him to do it? Usually she runs away as soon as she hears his footsteps.*****

Now did you think that was the end of my little story? Of course not! Later that evening Tink was once again up on my bed. Dave & I were talking and I happened to look Tinks full in the face. I gasped, did a double-take and said to Dave, "Oh, my goodness he DID cut her whiskers!" S.P. had said that before but I didn't see it. Her whiskers are part black, white & grey so if the light hits them odd it's hard to see them in all their glory. She is now reduced to one full length mouth whisker on each side of her face. The remaining mouth whiskers are about 1/3 of that length. She looks like a scruffy guy who hasn't shaved in several days. Poor kitty. I try not to laugh when I see her but it's tough going. And you know how cats HATE to be laughed at. She gets quite offended. I'm attaching pics and you can see my poor, trimmed kitty for yourself. Poor.....................poor........Tinky.

**** This one shows her trim the best. See the short, white whiskers? I told my friend Tammy that if I hear lots of bumps in the night it's most likely my poor kitty running into everything in the dark.***

And yes.............E-boy DID get in trouble.

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