Monday, September 3, 2007

Checking In

Here I am checking back in as promised. Sorry I don't have any pics tonight. The evening got away from me. Dave & I watched a movie together & then I was helping out a dear friend. Now it's time for a bit of reading before sleep arrives. I'm trying to get more rest as I am completely worn down lately. This insomnia & cold have taken their toll. (Now poor Dave has a bad cold.)
My new goal is to try to get to sleep by 11p.m. or midnight at the absolute latest. I know I can't always control this but at least I can be in bed & not on the computer, doing paperwork or doing chores. Our school schedule calls for an earlier wake-up time so I'm gonna need an earlier bedtime.

Anywhoo, I'll try to get our First Day of School pics posted soon. I also have our carnival (created by Jenny & the girls), our big park trip & our last day with M&J to post! So much fun packed into the last week!

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