Sunday, September 23, 2007

Diving In

We're going to get back on that "School Wagon" tomorrow. At least that is the plan. Our activity for tomorrow was canceled as the hostess has sick children. (We're praying they will feel better soon. As we well know being sick is no fun.) We'll still have soccer in the late afternoon & I'm looking forward to it as I had to miss it last week. plan is to jump back into our schoolwork again. It's been a bit since we've had a real school day. In between our start of school we've had a round of company & quite a bit of illnesses - bad coughs, colds, flu bug. The kids have completed a little written schoolwork here & there and math in the evenings when we haven't been on the run. Of course they have been learning even if it isn't with pencil & paper. To name a few things............we went to the Monet exhibit (field trip/art/history), picked apples in the back yard (science), done plenty of home chores (home economics), bargained at yard sales (math, home economics, life skills), attended soccer practices & games (physical education), done a large grocery shopping trip & planned menus (health/nutrition, math, home ec.), and attended church & Sunday school (Bible).

Tomorrow I want to start our new Biology book. We're going to dive in as I haven't had time to write any formal lesson plans. The book is laid out well so I don't think it will be too tough. I'll fill you in later on what we've accomplished!

Oh, and I hope to get over to the Boys & Girls Club and sign the girls up for cooking class! Yay! And we have TWO birthdays to prepare for! It's going to be a full & fun week. =)

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