Friday, September 14, 2007


More catching up...........

Here are some snapshots from our last day with Matt, Jenny & the girls. It makes me both happy & sad to look at these pics. I'm sure you understand why.

~Boo & Dimples ~
Aren't They Sweet Together?


Hugs for My Cousin
E-boy misses Curly Fry very much.

Having Fun
The kids had one last playtime b/f they had to leave.

I thought this was sweet. E-boy didn't want to play blocks but C.F. did. I talked to him & asked him to play what his company wanted to play. He then agreed & they had a great time together. I even taped some of their conversation trying not to laugh. It was too cute!

My Love...............
E-boy has become quite the ladies man lately. He promised C.F. ".....a hundred kisses tomorrow." Lol!

Those Boys!
I asked the boys to pose for the camera & this is what they came up with. Lol!

Boys Will Be Boys......
And Men Will Always Be Boys.....*Grin*

Hanging Out
The little ones had a good time hanging out in big sister's/cousin's room. These two were adorable together.

Ahhhh...........The Love!
Big Sister tackles Little Brother in a bear hug.

How Cute is This?
Dave was pulling weeds in the front garden and Cupcake started chattering at him. I encouraged him to go over to the window when she pressed her face against the screen. The result was this picture and quite a few more. They were having a great time laughing &making faces. What a great moment in time!

Bonding Moments

Loading Up
The time came for us to say good-bye. I hate that part. I was near tears.

NO!!!!! DON'T GO!!!!!!!
The girls did their best to try to keep them here.

Begging & Pleading

And Away They Go........
We all miss them very much.

Thank you Matt, Jenny & girls for driving all that way to visit with us. We miss you all & hope to see you soon. Don't forget us, okay girls? We love you! XOXO

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