Sunday, September 16, 2007

A New Year Begins

Following our tradition of the past 2 years we had our First Day of School on Labor Day. We like it because Daddy is home to celebrate with us. We also had our annual treasure hunt. The night before I filled the children's new backpacks up with their new school supplies and fun things I had bought while Dave wrote down clues. In the morning the children were bouncing off the walls with excitement & anticipation. We had E-boy go first as he is the youngest student. Bugs received his soon after. The girls then followed one at a time. I liked that they took turns this year. Usually they are all flying off in different directions. This way Mommy & Daddy could enjoy & see every one's special treasure hunt unfold.

After the treasures were all admired & photos and video taken the children repacked their backpacks, (their choice), for our annual "Walk to School". They walk with Daddy down the block & back and when they return I am waiting at the door to greet them & take pics. They love it!

Usually we make a special breakfast but Dave & I were too worn out this year. Instead we had the children eat an everyday breakfast before the festivities & chose to use the free meal coupons the girls had earned from the library & eat lunch at the Old Country Buffet. What a treat! Before lunch we did the regular first day stuff & passed out their new books, went over the schedule & rules, and started on some bookwork. We had a few rough spots but overall the day went very well & we have lots of pics & great memories!

Funny Faces
The kids goof around a bit while they wait for the treasure hunts to begin.

Group Photo

He was full of wiggles! Lol!

A Clue! A Clue!
Sisters help E read his clues.

Treasure Seekers on the Move!

E-boy is almost to the treasure!

He found his treasure!

Bugs was wanting that Diego backpack. Maybe I should have picked up an extra.

Bugs decided he'd go get his new treasures & let Diego go. For now........

Like a Moth to a Flame.....
Daddy tries to interest Bugs in his backpack of treasures but he still feels the lure of the Diego backpack.

A Winner!
Bugs finds his new Lightening McQueen shirt. Ladies & Gentlemen we have a winner!

Ocean Treasure!
E is really into studying ocean life & he is thrilled with this mosaic craft kit!

Choo! Choo! All Aboard!
Bugs checks out his new train sticker book.

More ocean & arctic animals!

New Trucks!
These were some of Bugsy's new treasure.

More Loot!

E-boy displays his new things for school.

Boo's Turn!
Boo is extremely happy with her new backpack.

Sketch Pad!
For our budding artists we bought sketch pads. I found these beauties at the Dollar Store!

Our Ham

Hello, Kitty!
She is a favorite in our house. Even Mommy likes her! Lol!

Boo Bounty

Found It! Sweet Pea finds her treasure!

Happy Bookworm!
S.P is an avid reader & was very happy to receive some new books.


Pencil Box ~ Pink, of Course!

First Day & Already Studying!
S.P. liked the new insert in her binder. It contains a U.S. map, world map, flags of the world & more!

Off They Go
Dave & the children embark on their annual walk to school.

The older kids carried their backpacks while Bugs took his new treasure along, his kickball.

Pausing For a Picture

Ready to Start!
After being greeted by Teacher Mommy at the door the kids settle in at the table & are eager to begin.

Digging In

Boo Can't Get Enough of Her New History Book

Math Time Daddy & E-boy work on Singapore Math together.

Like her sister, Sweet Pea is loving her new history book.

Studying Together
After some hard work we were off to OCB for our treat.

The Gang

Boo's Creation
Boo shows off her sundae.

Ice Cream Makes Me Smile!
E-boy wanted his pic taken too. Lol!

As You Can See.........
Bugs thouroughly enjoyed his ice cream treat too. By the time he was finished he had it EVERYWHERE! LOL! But isn't that 1/2 the fun?

Last But Not Least
We stopped at the Dollar Tree & picked up a balloon for Boo to replace the one she lost at our family carnival.
Overall it was a great day & how special to have Daddy with us. Now onto the school year!

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Alison said...

looks like fun! Just FYI I still have a hard time seeing the pictures clear with the pumpkins in the background and now the words are hard to read because of the background.