Saturday, September 22, 2007


Rooboy Dee Vsetecka Achieves Rare Milestone –

100 Games Played

In the game of footy, making it through a game can seem quite rough. The season is exhausting with the travel, the heat, the twice a week practices, the hits, and the bumps and bruises. Many can not keep up the pace, or lose interest and hang up the boots. Playing footy is not easy. But playing long enough to compete in 100 games is a feat indeed. The Kangaroos started playing back in 1997 and since then have had nearly 200 different players don the Red Roo of Nashville. Last year, one of the first Rooboys, Justin "Speed" Allen, collected his 100th game in the Atlanta match, down in Atlanta. He was the first Rooboy to achieve that feat. By way of comparison, there are only a handful of players at other clubs in the US to have done the same thing. This September 8th, The Roos will honor the second Rooboy to achieve
100 Games Played.

Dee "Weeman" Vsetecka started playing for the Roos in 1999, and he was one of the smallest players on that team, which is how he picked up his nickname. Not deterred by the nickname, Weeman made the starting squad in 2000 and has been there ever since. He plays on ball, one of the toughest positions to play, requiring quick skills, fast feet, durability, and most importantly, incredible stamina. Weeman has all of these attributes, and more. He has served as Captain of the Roos (2001-2005) and is still the current vice captain. He has been named to the US Revolution six of the last seven years. He was part of the US Revolution team that placed third in the world at the International Cup in 2005.
He has been named to the Revolution team that will be competing in Melbourne, Australia for the title at the International Cup in August 2008.

As the 2007 season winds down, Weeman wraps up his 9th season as a Rooboy. This Saturday against the Milwaukee Bombers is not just the season finale, but history in the making. Weeman adds his name to this elite list as he moves into a tie with Speed for most games played in a career and achieves what many only dream about: 100 games played. Be there for history. And bring a camera!

Thanks for the photo, Paul!

I hope you don't mind but I simply couldn't resist bragging on my little brother. I'm very proud of him!

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